Step 2: Summer Chores

I find that summertime is a great time to help my kids learn new chores and add them to their regular chore list. During the school year, they’re often super busy with homework, sports, music lessons, etc., and they push back pretty hard when I want them to start emptying the dishwasher in the mornings, or take more responsibility for their own laundry.

During the summer, though, there is time to learn and practice these new jobs, and often by the time the Fall rolls around, these have become routine and it’s not a big deal to roll them into a regular school week.

This summer, I am really hoping to get them both cooking more and helping with meal preparation. I also want to add dishes and laundry to their chore lists (the other chores below are already regular daily chores for my kids).

Summer is a great time to set up a new chore routine for your kids. It's much easier to get kids used to new responsibilities when schedules are a little less crazy. And once they're in the rhythm of doing their new chore, it will be a lot easier to keep it going when the new school year begins.

You can easily make your own Summer Chores chart using The Trip Clip.  If you need ideas for what kinds of chores you can expect your kids to do, check this out these Chores lists by Age:

Use these age appropriate chore lists to create a chore chart for your kids. I like to pick 1 or 2 new chores each year to add my kids’ responsibilities. There are lots of good ideas here!

A little planning and organization can turn a good summer into a great one.

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