Step 1: Summer Bucket Lists

Now that summer is here, my kids’ minds are swirling with ideas about all the fun things we’re going to do. I’ve learned that it’s important to capture all those plans and all that excitement early on in the summer and write it all down. With only 10 weeks off of school, some of which are filled with summer camps, some filled with vacations, and many of them filled with last minute invitations and going with the flow, we really do need to make sure we make time for the things we’ve been waiting all year to do, otherwise before we know it summer is over, and we didn’t get to some of the things that we really hoped to do!

So the first thing we do is make our Summer Bucket Lists. It’s super important to write it down.

This year I used the Custom List from The Trip Clip to have my kids make their bucket lists of what they hoped to do this summer.  Here are their lists.

Make a summer bucket list with your kids to make sure you get to all the fun things they want to do this summer!   Make a summer bucket list with your kids to make sure you get to all the fun things they want to do this summer!

Although we probably won’t be able to do everything on these lists, there were a few surprises on here which will cause me to organize our days a little differently! I wouldn’t have thought about getting out the paints or going to fly a kite, but those are easy enough to accomplish, and it’s good to know my kids want to do those things!.  And although the cat is unlikely to happen, who knows, maybe we can get a fish this summer!

Our next step will be to look through these lists together and decide as a family which things are most important to us. We don’t want to over plan, but I find this is a great way to make sure we feel like we didn’t leave too many things undone at the end of the summer.

If you try this, I’d love to see your bucket lists – partially to give me ideas for my own family, and also to know what other items I should add to my Custom List clipart!

Click here to make your own summer bucket list.

My bucket list for the summer looks a bit different, since I have learning goals in mind too. Stay tuned for a look at how I merge my kids’ bucket lists with my own!

A little planning and organization can turn a good summer into a great one.

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