I’m glad you found The Trip Clip® blog! I’ll post here about new activities and clipart, fun ways to use The Trip Clip products, and about life as a Tech Mom.  I love to hear from others, so leave a comment any time!


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New Morning Routine Clipart

Mornings may look different for a lot of kids who are returning to online or partially online school this fall. Having a morning routine that helps transition kids from ‘home mode’ to ‘school mode’ may be more important than ever.  I’ve updated the clipart for the morning routine based on requests I’ve received – let me know if there are other images you need to help make this all a little easier on your kids!

Click here to see the full collection.


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Visual Schedule: Special Needs Birthday Party

For special needs kids, a visual schedule, or a social story, can be a good way to help them understand what’s coming and what’s expected of them. Here is a social story for going to a birthday party.  You can print it or use it on a mobile device!


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More School Day Clipart!

I continue to get lots of great suggestions for more clipart – this week I’ve added some images to the School Schedule activity.


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Animal BINGO

A teacher in Texas contacted me this week about making a set of Animal BINGO boards for her students. I thought that was a great idea, so I made it easier by adding an animal filter to my bingo board activity. Now you can create unlimited different animal bingo boards. These will be fun in a classroom, for a trip to the zoo, or even a walk around the neighborhood with a little customization. Luckily you can easily switch out an individual picture and change the text underneath.





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10 Ways to Learn at the Grocery Store

There are learning opportunities even in mundane tasks like going to the grocery store. Click through to find suggestions for how to use the grocery trip as a teaching opportunity, as well as free printables to keep it fun!
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How To Interrupt

Continuing my 2020 theme of supporting special needs families, I added some clipart to the social skills activity and created this visual support to help kids learn about how to interrupt.

You can print it for free! Or make your own.


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Tools for Teachers

Over the years I’ve had a few school districts contact me about bulk discounts, so I decided to put an official policy in place. If you are a teacher or connected with a school, you can get a 75% discount on The Trip Clip’s website activities. There are details about how to do this here.

Basically, you need to email me from your school email address, and send me a link to the website for the school where you were showing that you are an employee there.  Once you’ve done that, I will send you a personalized link to a page that will allow you to purchase bulk accounts, in batches of 5, for a 75% discount.

You and your fellow teachers can use your accounts to make a wide variety of picture checklists, bingo boards, spelling and writing practice worksheets, and more!


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Family Chore Chart

Every summer I try a new chores system for our family – some with more success than others! Here is this year’s:


My kids are 13 and 17 now, and I find that each year they need a new system that rises to their abilities and meets their needs at each age.

For the past few years we’ve used a system that gives “chores” to everyone in the family, not just the kids. I find it helps them understand that there is work that we all do, parents too, to help keep the family going, and everyone pitches in with that work.

This year I’ve simplified the chart to a single daily chore for rotation for each of us, keeping just the ‘bigger’ chores. MY KIDS STILL HAVE OTHER CHORES! My 17-year-old does his own laundry, is responsible for keeping his own room clean as well as shared family spaces he uses, he takes the trash out once/week, etc. The goal of this chart is just to focus on daily chores that are family care rather than personal care. We also chose these to help teach some skills we know they each need to work on. In particular, we are always trying to encourage more cooking experience for each of them! I think often about making sure my teenagers have learned all the skills they need to be successful adults and chores are a great way to do that learning.


I made our Family Jobs chart using The Trip Clip® website.

  • I used the Chore Chart Activity to add the chores I wanted to my list.
  • I selected “Weekly – vertical” in the radio buttons on the left.
  • I edited the text to make the task clear. In the past the task has been to unload the dishwasher, but we want the kids to know be responsible for loading in any dirty dishes that accumulated on the counter over night too.
  • I chose to print on a full sheet of paper in the Print Setting.
  • I printed the chart on regular paper and hung it on the fridge
  • Then I made magnets for each member of the family. I did this using the Print Your Own Magnets feature.  The small magnets fit perfectly on the weekly chart printed in full page mode. Note that you could easily make this a Hook & Loop list if you prefer, or simply print it on paper and write in each family member’s name for the job they pick.

We have learned over the years that what works best for our family is to allow some amount of choice when it comes to chores. To use this system, we will have a family chore picking session on Sunday night.  We will rotate through picking chores for the week one at a time.  My eldest prefers to take walk the dog as often has he can, so tries to grab all of those, though we ask him to help with dinner (or better yet, cook it all on his own) once/week. My younger son likes to cook and tries to snag that task, but knows he doesn’t love having to help with dinner every night so he varies his choices some.  We did something very similar to this last year and it generally worked pretty well for us.

If you have a chore system that works for you, I’d love to see pictures of it! You can contact me through the comments section below, or email me at molly@thetripclip.com!

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New Morning Routine Chart

I finally made a version of the weekly chart with the days across the top! Give it a try and let me know what you think.


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Reading Bingo

Keep your kids reading this summer with creative reading challenges.  Have your kids get 5 in a row in a week to make a bingo. You can print this bingo board for free.  If it works, use The Trip Clip website to print a new bingo board each week!


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