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Chores Bingo

Chores Bingo is a great way to mix things up and make chores more fun. Unlike daily assigned chores, this bingo board lets kids try — and learn! — different jobs. It works surprisingly well for spreading the work load and keeping it interesting.

You can try this for free by printing it or using the interactive version from any mobile device: https://thetripclip.com/free-printable.php?printable=bingo-chores

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Classroom Jobs

Any teachers out there? You can use The Trip Clip to set up classroom jobs! Teachers get a 30% discount too.

I made this using The Trip Clip’s Custom Checklist activity.

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After School Screen Time Rules

Make your own picture checklist with over 1500 images to choose from. You can print them or use them on a mobile device. All the lists are stored in the cloud so you can even edit your kid’s list from work and have it ready for them when they get home from school.

Try it now!

Checklists are a great to help kids be responsible for themselves without you having to nag and remind them. Whether you print it and hang it on the fridge or the wall, or make it mobile, your kids will find it handy to know exactly what they need to do. The customizability let’s you change the list for each day of the week, too, to remind them about soccer practice or doctor’s appointments or whatever is coming up.

If you have an older kid, you can even let them create and edit their own list to teach them how to track all of their responsibilities in one place and stay organized.

At my house the most useful part of this was the reminder to empty their lunch box! One of my sons would forget to do that every day, and every morning (including Monday mornings!) we would find a yucky mess of old food and trash that had been sitting sometimes for far too long and had to be cleaned out before a new lunch could be packed. Having it on his daily list got him into the rhythm of doing this right after school every day.

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Making Good Choices

A visual chart can be a great way to reinforce positive behaviors. You can make a printed or mobile chart to track anything you need!

Try this one for free!

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Kid Lunch Packing Checklist

This school year have your kids pack their own healthy lunch by picking one thing from each category. This is a great way to promote independence and teach nutrition! You can print it as is for free, or edit it any way you like.

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Bedtime Routine: Printed, Mobile, or Magnetic

Start off on the right foot this school year by establishing a solid bedtime routine. Print it, use it on a mobile device, or make it magnetic!

Try it here!

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Print Your Own Magnets

A magnetic checklist is a great back to school tool. Choose from hundreds of images and write any text to make your own magnets. Print them on regular paper and attach to the provided adhesive magnet paper. Your magnets will be sturdy and easy to grab and move around.

Get it here

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I Lowered My Prices!

I lowered my prices!  For just $2.95 you can make your own checklist, print a travel activity, use travel bingo on your phone, or customize a learning activity. Click here to buy now.

Here’s a complete list of the activities available on The Trip Clip website:

Picture Checklists

Morning Routine

Bedtime Routine

After School Checklist

Chore Chart

Grocery List

Cleaning Checklist

Packing List

Lunch Box Checklist

School Schedule

Personal Care

Social Skills

School Supplies

Travel Activities



Word Search

Coloring Pages

Crossword Puzzles

Design a License Plate

Secret Message Puzzles

Drawing Clips

License Plate Game


Count On It

Driving Directions

Educational Activities

Letter Tracing

Math Practice

Write a Story

Alphabet Game


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Interactive Mobile BINGO

I just got my first mobile travel activity working on The Trip Clip! You can now play interactive BINGO on your phone or iPad. You can try it right now from any phone or iPad!

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40 Drawing Starters To Inspire Kids

One of my customers sent me this great picture her daughter drew using the Drawing Clips activity.  There are 40 drawing starters to help give your kids ideas about what to draw. 

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