I’m glad you found The Trip Clip® blog! I’ll post here about new activities and clipart, fun ways to use The Trip Clip products, and about life as a Tech Mom.  I love to hear from others, so leave a comment any time!


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NEW Personal Care Clipart

I added a bunch of new images to the Personal Care checklist to help parents make a “How to take a shower” checklist, including body parts (something many customers have requested).  Take a look and let me know if there are other images you need!


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Free List: How To Take a Shower

My goal for 2020 is to provide more clipart and lists to help families of kids with Autism, Anxiety, and ADHD. I’ve had a lot of people ask me to add clipart for “How To Take a Shower”, so here it is!  You can print this list or use it as is on a mobile device, or you can edit it as it needed to make it just right for your family.


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More Morning Routine Clipart

I’ve had a number of requests in the new year for additions to the Morning Routine Checklist, so I did a quick update this weekend to add the images below. If you use any of the activities on The Trip Clip website and don’t find something you’re looking for let me know! I am constantly updating the images available for each activity and am happy to get feedback about how to make each collection more complete.

See all the Morning Routine Clipart


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Visual Supports From The Trip Clip

Announcing my theme for 2020: special needs families! All year I will be adding clipart to The Trip Clip to make it easier to create visual supports for common tasks. Visual supports (and more specifically visual schedules) can help establish a routine.  Kids with ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, and other special needs will find it comforting to know exactly what’s coming next. Visual schedules can also be used to teach a new skill by breaking it down into smaller steps and helping your child stay focused all the way through the task while they learn the right way to do it.

You can read more about creating and using visual schedules here and here.


Try these now!

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More Morning Routine Clipart

I added more clipart to the morning routine checklist activity! Customers have requested lots of helpful additions, and I worked on representing a more diverse set of kids for ‘Do hair’. You can see the full collection of morning routine clipart here!


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More Grocery Clipart!

I added more clipart to the Grocery List based on customer requests! See the full collection here.


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13 Free Lists To Help Working Moms


checkmark-sq sun

Morning Routine Checklist

checkmark-sq apple.png

Healthy Snack Ideas

checkmark-sq chores

Chore Charts By Age

checkmark-sq computer

Embrace Screen Time

checkmark-sq car2.png

Errand Count On It

checkmark-sq videogames

After School Screen Time Rules

checkmark-sq bed

Bedtime Routine

checkmark-sq lunch.png

Lunch Box Checklist

checkmark-sq mop

Cleaning Checklists

checkmark-sq house

House Rules

checkmark-sq airplane

Travel Activity Packs

checkmark-sq school

Back To School Checklist

checkmark-sq questionmark

Questions To Get Kids Talking

Raising kids is hard work! These lists are all designed to help make it easier, especially if you work outside the home, so staying organized, and getting your kids to do as much as they can for themselves, becomes even more critical.

Start with these lists, and find more ideas here on my Working Moms Blog.


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