I’m glad you found The Trip Clip® blog! I’ll post here about new activities and clipart, fun ways to use The Trip Clip products, and about life as a Tech Mom.  I love to hear from others, so leave a comment any time!


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New Lunch Box Clipart!

I’ve added more clipart to the Lunch Box Checklist. This is a great tool to help your kids make a healthy lunch – whether they’re taking it to school, or eating lunch at home! You can try this for free, or make your own here.

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Free Printable: Good Choices Chart

A visual chart can be a great way to help reinforce positive behaviors. You can try this chart as is for free, or use TheTripClip.com to edit it and make it just right for your family.

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New School Schedule Clipart

I continue to get lots of great requests for images to add to the School Schedule activity. Below are the latest additions. You can see the full collection here!

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2 Back to School Lists

Here are 2 back to school lists that are great for kids who need to be able to see and feel their progress through their list.

The morning routine list is magnetic – you can hang it on your fridge or on a cookie sheet.  You can also make this as a hook and loop list if you prefer.  It’s fully customizable so you can choose your pictures and write your own text:

Make your checklist magnetic. You can buy pre-printed magnets, or go to www.thetripclip.com and print your own!

The school schedule is hook and loop so it can be easily carried from room to room, but you can make it magnetic too if you prefer! Like the morning routine list, you can choose your own pictures and write your own text.

My kids are doing online school only, and our district has set it up so they half their classes on Mon/Thurs, and the other half on Tues/Fri:


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Free Lunch Box Packing List

This Monday I’m offering a free lunch box packing list.  This works great for kids who are packing lunch to take to school, and for ones who are doing online school at home! I plan to prepare some fruits and veggies and sandwich ingredients to keep in the fridge so that the kids can easily find and make their own lunch during their lunch break from online school. This list will help them remember to keep their meal healthy and well-balanced, and hopefully help them prepare their meal on their own!

Print this for free

Your kids can pack a healthy lunch all by themselves with the Lunch Packing Checklist. You can choose the categories that make sense for your family, and customize the options to match your kids’ tastes and the contents of your refrigerator.

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Free Beginner Cryptogram Puzzle

Another Monday, another free (and fun!) activity from The Trip Clip.  Secret Message Puzzles are great for teaching problem solving that helps in math, science, and computer programming. And they’re super fun, too! You can even write your own secret message for your budding spy to discover.

This puzzle it set at beginner level. You can use The Trip Clip website to change that setting to make them harder for more advanced puzzle solvers.

Print this for free



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More Custom List Clipart

I’ve added a bunch of clipart to the Custom List activity.  You can see the full collection here.


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Count On It

It’s Monday, so here’s another fun way to sneak in some learning. This Count On It game turns a car ride into a science experiment if you predict ahead of time which items you’ll see the most often on your next trip or running errands. Kids can use this printable to collect data and practice simple graphing. It’s a surprisingly fun for the whole family! Try it for free today.


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Visual Schedule: How to Pack Lunch

A visual schedule can be a great way to teach a new skill. My niece used this list to learn how to pack her own lunch for school every day.

You can edit print it as is, or edit it to make it right for your family.




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Free Printable: Math Worksheets

In honor of every parent who has become a home school teacher this year, every Monday I will post a free learning activity page for you to try with your kids. Let me know in the comments below how old your kids are and if they liked this free printable!

Click here to print it for free!


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