New Morning Routine Clipart!

I’ve added some new clipart images based on customer feedback. Take a look and let me know if there’s anything else you need!

See the full collection here

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February 20% Off Sale!

I’m excited to announce that for the month of February I am offering a 20% discount on Full Access to The Trip Clip website! Happy February!

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Printable Slug Bug Game

Slug Bug has been around forever and can be a lot of fun for the whole family on road trips or even just running errands around town. This printable game board lets you keep track of how many you’ve seen. You can print one for each family member to see who can spot the most, or you can each make predictions ahead of time for how many you think you’ll see in each color, and work together to see whose predictions are the most accurate.

This game is fun, but it can also teach some simple graphing skills as well as introduce the scientific method. You can even play virtually with a friend who lives someplace else and compare notes to see if the same colors are the most common in each locale.

And if you want to throw in some foreign language practice, try putting the names of the colors in another language!

Try it with a kid-sized clipboard to make it easy to use in the car.

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Going to the Doctor

For some kids, including many special needs kids, anxiety around going to the doctor can be reduced by knowing exactly what is going to happen and when. This sort of visual schedule can help kids ‘see’ their visit, and see their progress through it, in a way that helps them handle and manage the stress.

You can use this list as is, or you can edit it to make it just right for your child.

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Make Your Own First-Then Boards

You can easily make a First-Then boards using The Trip Clip. A First-Then board is a visual support that works well for kids with Autism. You can click here to learn about how First-Then Boards work.

I made these boards using The Trip Clip’s hook & loop picture clips.

First, I printed out the blank boards. You can print a first-then board for free here.

Next I laminated the first-then board, and attached some hook & loop circles to the board.

After that I used the Custom List from The Trip Clip. I was able to drag and drop the pictures I wanted to use to create my picture clips, and then write the text I wanted underneath each picture. I chose to use the Big Picture Clips setting, but you can also make Small Picture Clips, or combine the two if that works better for you.

I printed out my individual pictures, laminated the sheet, and then cut apart each of the picture clips.

After that all I needed was hook and loop circles for the back of each picture, I was able to create my first-then boards, and I can re-use the board with different pictures as needed.

All of the supplies you need to do this yourself can be purchased on The Trip Clip website.

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End of Day Cleanup Checklist

This picture checklist helps kids know what needs to be cleaned up at the end of the day. It can be used in person in a classroom, or even at home for kids who are attending school online.

You can use it as is for free, or create an account at if you want to edit it.

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Support a Mom Owned Small Business

It’s Small Business Saturday! Shop now at

Read more about me and my mom-owned small business

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More Cleaning Clipart

I’ve had lots of good customer feedback about images to add to the Cleaning Checklists activity for The Trip Clip. Here are all the new pictures you can use now!

Click here to see the full collection

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Stocking Stuffer: Magnet Packs!

Looking for a unique gift idea?  Try a magnet pack from The Trip Clip! There are morning and bedtime routine magnets, chore magnets, after school magnets, or a collection of the 20 most popular ones.  Each magnet pack is $3.95 and contains 20 1” magnets. These make great stocking stuffers for kids AND parents!

Get it now

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How To Make Your Bed

For kids who need very specific instructions to learn a task, or remember how to do it, a visual checklist is a great tool!

You can print this as is for free, or sign up on The Trip Clip website to edit this to make it work right for your family.

Print now

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