More Bedtime Routine Clipart

I’ve added more clipart to the bedtime routine list based on customer feedback. See the full collection and make your own list here!


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Hook & Loop Checklist

I’ve been working hard to bring a new Trip Clip product to market – Hook & Loop Checklists! These are for when you don’t have a magnetic surface available, and they are especially good for kids who would benefit from a portable checklist at school.


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How To Have a Conversation

I’ve added more clipart and 2 new free lists to the Social Skills activity to help teach how to have a conversation. What other social skills clipart or visual supports would be helpful to you?

You can print these lists for free here.



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Parent Reward Chart

I borrowed this idea from Affinity Consulting. These are great reminders of what’s important, and I also love the focus on reminding parents to show themselves some grace too.

You can print it here for free.


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New Chore Chart Clipart

I’ve received a lot of good suggestions for items to add to the Chore Chart activity – here are 18 new options to choose from!

See the full collection here.


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Free Printable – Social Distancing Best Practices

For kids or people with special needs, a visual schedule can be a very helpful of the social distancing behaviors needed during the coronavirus. You can print this guide for free.



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Help Stop the Spread of Germs

A great reminder for young kids, kids with special needs, and even a few adults!

You can print this or use it on a mobile device for free.


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Social Distancing on a Walk Around the Neighborhood

Here’s a free visual support for how to take a walk and practice social distancing:


You can find other visual supports on the The Trip Clip website.

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New Activity: Social Skills

I’ve added a new activity to The Trip Clip website: Social Skills. My original plan (from a previous era) was to spend the next few months adding clipart to help make tools for special needs kids to learn things like how to have a conversation, how to order at a restaurant, and how to behave at a birthday party. In a COVID-19 world, though, I decided that I would instead start with some skills around social distancing. Here is my first installment – How to go to the grocery store!

You can use this for free here.


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Free COVID-19 Resources from The Trip Clip

With many schools announcing they will extend school closures through the end of the year, I’ve decided I will also extend my free offerings for parents helping their kids with school at home. You can find lots of free resources from The Trip Clip and information on how to get a $10 discount on full access to the website.


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