Free COVID-19 Resources from The Trip Clip

With many schools announcing they will extend school closures through the end of the year, I’ve decided I will also extend my free offerings for parents helping their kids with school at home. You can find lots of free resources from The Trip Clip and information on how to get a $10 discount on full access to the website.


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Weekly School Schedule and Custom Lists

I’ve had a number of requests to make the Custom List and the School Schedule available as weekly lists – so now they are! You can also make a weekly packing list, cleaning checklist, morning routine, bedtime routine, after school list, or chore chart.


Give it a try!

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New Custom Clipart

Many of you have written to me this past week asking why you can’t find some pictures on the Custom List even when they’re on other lists. Every time I add new clipart to an activity I have to manually add it to the Custom List too, and I’ve been doing so many clipart updates lately (especially to the school schedule and the cleaning checklists) that I got behind on updating the Custom List! I moved them all over today, so there are now 100+ new pictures to choose from on the Custom List. Enjoy!


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Picture Clips

Today I added the ability to turn the pictures from any list into Picture Clips. Picture Clips are individual picture squares that can be used to make an interactive magnetic or a VELCRO checklist. My primary goal was to make it possible to create a VELCRO/portable school schedule for special needs kids, though now that many of us are having school at home, the magnetic school schedule may be just as useful!


Here is information about how to make:

Magnetic Picture Clips

VELCRO Picture Clips

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New Cleaning Clipart

I added more cleaning clipart based on customer requests:


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New School Schedule Clipart

As more schools are moving online I’ve had lots of requests for logos for educational websites parents plan to use to help homeschool their kids. If there are others you need, let me know in the comments!

This activity continues to be available for free through April.


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How To Blow Your Nose

Returning to my original 2020 theme focusing on special needs families, I’ve added clipart and a free list to help teach kids to blow their nose!


See all visual supports

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