This is probably my favorite picture received from a customer. Robin from Texas snapped this picture of her daughter using a Trip Clip grocery list – and showing off her own addition!

You can use The Trip Clip to make a picture grocery list for your kids - just watch out for them adding their own items to the list!

“We LOVE Trip Clip!! It gives my early reader reading practice in a practical “real world” way, and gives her a helpful role during grocery shopping. WARNING: with all the word practice, they may edit your list. Haha” — Robin

Click here to buy the Grocery List Activity.

Have you used The Trip Clip in a creative way? Tell me how in the comments below, or email me at!

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NEW Cleaning Checklist Clipart!

19 new images to help you make the perfect cleaning checklists for your kids! Lots of good suggestions here from customers. Keep those ideas coming!

19 new images to help you make the perfect cleaning checklists for your kids!

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Teach a Kid To Clean Any Room – Just 8 Steps!

Kids hate to clean. Telling my kids that we need to do some cleaning is sure to result in immediate arguments and excuses and attempts to get out of it. And I can’t really blame them.  I hate cleaning too.

I have learned, though, that at least SOME of the hatred of cleaning comes from feeling like the chore is overwhelming and never ending. And after stopping to talk to my kids about why this is, it turns out that they don’t have a good idea of what I mean when I tell them we need to clean. To them, it just seems like an unlimited number of chores that they can’t predict and it just goes on and on with no end in sight.

Enter the Cleaning Checklists!

Print these cleaning checklists to teach your kid how to clean any room in the house. You can also edit them to make them just right for your family!

I created these lists to help my kids know exactly what I mean when I ask them to clean a room. They still don’t really want to do the chores, but the grumbling lessens when they can at least see there is a beginning and an end to the jobs expected of them.

To makes these easy to use, I’ve made them available in a number of different ways.



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NEW Potty Training Clipart!

Lots of customers have asked for more detailed and explicit steps for the potty training activity, so I’ve add more pictures to let you make a list that’s just right for your child! See the full set of images here.

15 new images to make it easier for you to make a potty training checklist that's just right for your child!

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NEW Morning Routine Clipart

I have so many great customers sending me ideas for images to add to the collection – here are some excellent additions to the Morning Routine activity!

37 new images for the morning routine activity, including the much requested "sleep in your own bed"! Use them to create your own, custom morning routine checklist.

Check out the full collection here!

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VELCRO To Do List For Kids

Occasionally I hear from customers who have used The Trip Clip® in new and creative ways. Traci from Colorado turned her list into a VELCRO list for kids on the Autism spectrum. The great thing about a VELCRO list is that the boards can be carried anywhere, they can be used at school as well as at home.

The Trip Clip can be used to make a visual VELCRO checklist for kids with special needs.

“I know your product was not originally intended for special needs kids, but I just want to say how much I love having it at my fingertips for use with children that are on the Autism spectrum. I’ve made many visual schedules/checklists by slightly modifying your product from its original intended use.

I used the weekly chore chart option to print all the pictures I needed for [my daughter’s] daily schedule, but I wanted movable pieces. Once I printed, I cut the pictures apart to make individual pieces, laminated them, and attached them with velcro. Many of the pieces I used the custom feature to make them more specific.”

Click here to buy the Weekly Morning Routine Activity.

Click here to buy VELCRO dots from Amazon:

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Soccer Season Printables

It’s soccer season, and at my house that means lots of time on the soccer field.  Here are a couple of printable pages that can help make soccer season a little easier!

For the soccer player: a packing list can be a great way to make sure you don’t forget anything. We just keep a copy of this hanging on our wall as a reminder before we walk out the door.

Never forget anything ever again! You can even edit the list it to make it just right for your family!

Print it

Edit it

For siblings, I like to bring some activities so they don’t get too bored. There are many option for Siblings on the Sidelines on The Trip Clip, but Soccer Bingo is one of our favorites. You can print a new one for every practice or game and have fun finding them all!

A great way to entertain siblings on the sidelines! You can easily make a new one for every game.

Print It

Make a new bingo board



These free printables are excellent for any family spending time on the soccer fields. You can also edit them to make them just right for your family.

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