More Custom List Clipart

I’ve added a bunch of clipart to the Custom List activity.  You can see the full collection here.


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Count On It

It’s Monday, so here’s another fun way to sneak in some learning. This Count On It game turns a car ride into a science experiment if you predict ahead of time which items you’ll see the most often on your next trip or running errands. Kids can use this printable to collect data and practice simple graphing. It’s a surprisingly fun for the whole family! Try it for free today.


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Visual Schedule: How to Pack Lunch

A visual schedule can be a great way to teach a new skill. My niece used this list to learn how to pack her own lunch for school every day.

You can edit print it as is, or edit it to make it right for your family.




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Free Printable: Math Worksheets

In honor of every parent who has become a home school teacher this year, every Monday I will post a free learning activity page for you to try with your kids. Let me know in the comments below how old your kids are and if they liked this free printable!

Click here to print it for free!


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New Morning Routine Clipart

Mornings may look different for a lot of kids who are returning to online or partially online school this fall. Having a morning routine that helps transition kids from ‘home mode’ to ‘school mode’ may be more important than ever.  I’ve updated the clipart for the morning routine based on requests I’ve received – let me know if there are other images you need to help make this all a little easier on your kids!

Click here to see the full collection.


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Visual Schedule: Special Needs Birthday Party

For special needs kids, a visual schedule, or a social story, can be a good way to help them understand what’s coming and what’s expected of them. Here is a social story for going to a birthday party.  You can print it or use it on a mobile device!


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More School Day Clipart!

I continue to get lots of great suggestions for more clipart – this week I’ve added some images to the School Schedule activity.


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Animal BINGO

A teacher in Texas contacted me this week about making a set of Animal BINGO boards for her students. I thought that was a great idea, so I made it easier by adding an animal filter to my bingo board activity. Now you can create unlimited different animal bingo boards. These will be fun in a classroom, for a trip to the zoo, or even a walk around the neighborhood with a little customization. Luckily you can easily switch out an individual picture and change the text underneath.





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10 Ways to Learn at the Grocery Store

There are learning opportunities even in mundane tasks like going to the grocery store. Click through to find suggestions for how to use the grocery trip as a teaching opportunity, as well as free printables to keep it fun!
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How To Interrupt

Continuing my 2020 theme of supporting special needs families, I added some clipart to the social skills activity and created this visual support to help kids learn about how to interrupt.

You can print it for free! Or make your own.


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