9 Screen-Free Ideas To Entertain Kids While Flying

When my kids were little, I tried pretty hard to balance non screen entertainment with screen time on our trips. We always relaxed our screen time rules on trips, so some screen time (more than usual) still always happened. But I also found some unique activities that they liked and that were often reserved for … Continue reading 9 Screen-Free Ideas To Entertain Kids While Flying

These Summer Bored Boards offer 9 free printable BINGO boards with ideas sure to inspire creative play. Have your kids try to get a BINGO, or black out the whole board. You can print these boards as is for free, or easily generate your own at www.thetripclip.com. There are over 500 images to choose from to inspire you and your kids to think of fun new activities to do this summer!

Week 20: Summertime Bored Board

Week 20: Summertime Bored Boards It never fails.  After 9 months of wishing for summer to come, and complaining about all the things they can't do because they're stuck in school all day, when summer finally arrives it usually takes less than a week before I hear grumbles of "I'm bored! There's nothing good to do here."  Followed … Continue reading Week 20: Summertime Bored Board