Sudoku For All Ages

I’ve added a large batch of new printable sudoku puzzles to The Trip Clip website, so there are now almost 300 puzzles you can print for your kids to entertain them on trips, in the car, at restaurants, or anywhere else you go with them.

71 4×4 Puzzles

These 4×4 puzzles step up in difficulty to help beginners learn how to do these fun logic puzzles, starting with just 4 empty squares, and progressing to 12 empty squares. The blank spaces are also big, so even very young kids will have room to practice writing their numbers. I was surprised that my kids could be do these puzzles as young as age 4! Sudoku teaches number recognition, problem solving, attention to detail, and concentration.

20 6×6 puzzles

There are fewer of these, but you’ll find that your kids don’t need many of these interim puzzles before they’re ready for 9×9 puzzles. These 6×6 puzzles help kids expand the sudoku concept to a larger set of numbers.

192 9×9 puzzles

These 192 puzzles start easy, with fewer blank squares, and progress to much more difficult by the end, though all of them are appropriate for kids. When your kids are done with these, they’ll be ready for adult Sudoku puzzles!

All of these work great with a kid-sized clipboard and pen for entertainment anywhere you go!

You can try a few Sudoku puzzles for free right now. I’m also working on creating some pre-made packets of Sudoku puzzles at different difficulty levels that I sell on Teachers Pay Teachers.

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