A Child’s Travel Journal

This is a fun way to encourage a little learning while you’re on vacation, and you’ll have a great keepsake from your trip at the end of it.

The Trip Clip will let you print as many of these pages as you want. They are a nice size (a half sheet of paper) which can be less overwhelming for younger kids who won’t feel like they have to fill a full sheet. This size also fits nicely into a The Trip Clip clipboard, making them very portable anywhere you go.

The best way to use these is to give your kids one of the pages with room for a picture, and 1 or 2 of the ones with just lines on it each day of your vacation. Ask them to draw a picture and write a few lines about something they did that day. At the end of the trip you can staple or bind them together into a small book that will be a reminder for all of you about your trip, and your kids will get a little writing practice done even on vacation!

I did this once with my kids when we were on a lengthy road trip, though we used email instead of writing on paper. Now I wish I still had those emails! At the time, I had them email their grandma each day of our trip to tell her about what we were doing. If your kids have trouble thinking of what to write, try having them write as if they’re sending letters to their grandma who is missing them and see if that helps.

There are 2 ways you can get these printables:

  1. You can purchase the Write a Story activity on The Trip Clip website. this will let you print out all 3 of the templates as shown above, or with a dotted center line for younger writers.
  2. You can purchase the templates on Teachers Pay Teachers.

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