Make Your Own First-Then Boards

I’ve added another new feature to The Trip Clip! Although I still offer a free first/then board template, I’ve improved my for-purchase option to allow customers to choose their colors and edit the text at the top of the boards.

With the purchase of any list on The Trip Clip website, you’ll get the ability to customize your own first/then boards as well as create your own picture clips. There’s also an option to purchase the Print Your Own Picture Clips bundle that comes with a list activity as well as all of the supplies you need to make your first/then boards.

First/Then boards are an effective tool for kids with Autism. Pairing a required activity with an enjoyable one, and showing the connection visually, can help kids with Autism make it through the difficult task because they know they will get to do something fun next. Read more here about creating and using visual schedules.

How To Make a First/then Board

Once you’ve purchased a list, you’ll be able to customize and print your own First/Then boards. You can choose your color and change the text at the top of the boards. You’ll also be able to choose whether or not you want placement markers to know where to place the hook and loop circles.

Then you can use the list you purchased to make your picture clips. The First/Then boards are designed to be the right size for The Trip Clip’s big picture clips (1.5″ x 1.8″). You can select this option on the left side of the screen, then choose your picture to add it to your list. Once it’s on your list, click the text underneath the picture to change it to anything you want it to be. Add and edit as many pictures as you want. Depending on which lists you purchase, you may have as many as 1500 images to choose from.

Once you’ve chosen all of your pictures, click the PRINT button and print them on regular paper. Print your First/Then board also. Laminate both of the pages you printed, and then cut apart your picture clips. Affix hook and loop circles, and you’re all set!

There are more detailed instructions for this here.

Upload Your Own Pictures

For some kids, visual schedules are more effective if they show pictures of themselves doing the activities described instead of more abstract clipart. The Trip Clip makes this possible as well.

Here’s a blog post with more information about how to upload your own pictures.

More Visual Schedule Options

The The Trip has other visual schedule options as well for teachers to use in classrooms, parents to use at home, and for anyone working with special needs children.

This 7×1 hook and loop template can be used for a morning routine, a reminder for what students should do when they arrive at school, it can be a schedule of the child’s classes that they can slip into a folder to help them know what’s coming that day, as a bedtime routine, or in any scenario that you need a visual schedule. The template and pictures are all fully customizable.

Read more here

You can also create picture checklists for your kids and print them, laminate them, make them magnetic, or use them on a phone or tablet. The Trip Clip’s picture checklists are super versatile.

Read more here

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