New Feature: Upload Your Own Pictures

I’m very excited to announce a new feature: You can now upload your own images to use in your picture checklists and bingo boards! Many customers have asked for this so I’m glad I finally got it done. This feature will allow you to add you own pictures if you can’t find what you need in the set of clipart, or if you want to super personalize the list for your child. Give it a try and let me know how it works for you!

How To Add Your Own Picture

To add your own picture, go to the list or bingo board you want to edit. If you’re on a computer, look for Step 2: SELECT in the top middle of the page. If you’re editing your list from a phone, go to the list, use the drop down menu in the upper right corner to select ‘Edit list’, and then tap the button to “Add Items”.

Above the clipart, select the checkbox labeled “Upload a picture”. You’ll be prompted to choose a picture from you computer, or if you’re on your phone, you can choose a picture from your photo library or take a new photo.

Once you’ve selected a picture, the picture will be uploaded to The Trip Clip website. Your pictures are completely private and are not visible to anyone else. You’ll be prompted to enter a label for your picture. This label will appear next to your picture when you add it to a list (it can be easily edited later), and it will also be the keywords that you can search on later to find it again. Any pictures you add will be available for you to add to any list you create with The Trip Clip.

Tips For Optimizing Pictures

Because The Trip Clip lists show a small picture, the best images will be

  • simple
  • zoomed in on a single object
  • square
  • around 1000×1000 pixels
  • have a file size less than 8MB

Taking a Photo

Being able to take your own photos for a list makes the lists way more useful for many people. Maybe you want to show the box of a specific brand of cereal they need to locate on the shelf, or you want to include a picture of the babysitter or grandma on their after school checklist so they have a strong visual reminder of who they should be looking for when school lets out that day. One customer wanted to be able to add a picture of their child’s occupational and speech therapists to the list so their child knew for sure who they would be visiting that day. Using your own photo lets you make your list very personalized. Below I included a picture I took of my son’s daily homework folder, his actual water bottle, and a picture of his grandma so he’d know for sure who was picking him up from school that day.

In the video below, I show how you can take a photo of a specific item at the grocery store and add it to your list to help your kids find the exact item you need:

Finding Your Own Clipart

Another option you have is to find your own clipart images online. As a business, The Trip Clip can only include clipart images that I have secured or paid for the rights to use them commercially. As an individual, you can use a much broader set of clipart as long as you don’t intend to sell it or use it commercially. This means that you can find images online that are available for personal use and put them in your personal lists as long as you don’t sell them or sell your list.

Kids With Special Needs

Some kids with special needs are extremely literal, so the ability to see their exact toothbrush (as opposed to one that is the wrong shape or the wrong color) may be just what they need. I had one customer who asked me if I could include a red table top to match their table at home so that their child would understand what they meant when they said ‘clean the table’. The generic picture of a table confused her child. Now this customer can take a picture of their family table and use it in their lists to better help their special needs child!

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