Make Your Own Visual Schedules

I’ve added a new feature! You can now print your own visual schedules in a 7 x 1 vertical format. These are flexible visual schedules that can be individualized and hung by the front door, on school cubbies, or slipped into a child’s folder to carry with them during their school day. They are fully customizable!

Visual schedules are especially helpful for kids with Autism. You can read more here about how to make and use visual schedules.

The Trip Clip website lets you choose a color, write any text a the top, pick a picture (or no picture) for the bottom left corner, and choose if you want placement circle indicators or not. Once you’ve designed your 7 x 1 template, you’ll print it out, laminate it, and affix hook & loop circles.

Then you can use one of The Trip Clip Lists to choose your 7 (or more) pictures out of 1500 options, and write any text underneath the picture. Here are the picture clips I created and printed for the picture above:

You can also upload your own photos to turn them into picture clips. Once you’ve use the website to make your picture clip squares, you’ll print them, laminate them, cut them apart, and put hook & loop circles on the back of each picture clip.

You can create visual schedules for a morning routine, a welcome to school checklist, a school day schedule, a bedtime routine, or any visual schedule you need. By making it hook and loop you can change out the pictures whenever you need to to accommodate changes in your child’s daily routines.

You can hang the morning routine by the front door as a quick check for whether your child has everything they need that day. The welcome to school checklist can hang by the cubbies so every child knows what to do when they arrive at school that day. The school schedule can be individualized for each student (including with their own name at the top!) and slipped into a folder they can carry with them so they are sure to know what’s coming next in their day. The bedtime routine can be posted next to their bed to help them know all the steps and settle into sleep.

There’s no need to limit yourself to these 4 ideas, though. You can make a visual schedule for what to do after school, or if there’s a fire drill during the school day, for changing in the locker room before PE, for free work time, or any other scenario you can think of where your child or student will benefit from a visual reminder of what steps they should be following.

How To Purchase

When you buy any list on The Trip Clip website you’ll get the ability to make picture checklists as well as the 7×1 vertical format visual schedule.

If you already have a laminator and hook & loop materials that’s all you need. You can also purchase self-laminating sheets and hook & look circles on The Trip Clip website.

You can also purchase the Print Your Own Picture Clips bundle to get everything you need all at once.

Detailed Instructions

If you still have questions, click here for more detailed instructions on how to make your own visual schedule.

Upload Your Own Photos

The Trip Clip makes it possible to create fully customized visual schedules. In addition to 1500 clipart images, you can upload your own clipart, or your own photos, to make sure the visual schedule you create as meaningful as possible for your child or student.

I created this school schedule with photos of each teacher to make it more personal. This format also makes it possible to give a heads up when there is an assembly or a substitute teacher. Read more about using your own photos here.

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