Discount For Teachers and Schools

I come from a family full of teachers. My mom was working towards a teaching degree before she started her family. My sister got a Masters degree in teaching and taught 1st grade. My mother-in-law has a PhD in and taught early childhood education at the university level, and also taught kindergarten for years. My father-in-law was an electrical engineering professor. Even though I majored in applied math/computer science in college, I find myself drawn towards teaching too. Since leaving Microsoft, I’ve used my programming skills to create tools that help parents and teachers with the incredibly important work of educating kids.

Because I value the role of teachers and the importance of the work they do so much, I offer generous discounts to teachers and schools that want to use The Trip Clip.

For individual teachers, I offer a 30% discount on all of my digital products. To get the discount, a teacher just needs to show me proof that they are working as a teacher in a school setting outside of their home (I don’t offer my discount to home schooling families at this time). Teachers can email me from their school email address and send me a link to their staff page on their school’s website as proof of employment, or they can take a photo of their school ID. I will send an email back with a link they can use to make a purchase at a 30% discount.

Teachers who purchase The Trip Clip can create as many printed materials as they want to use with the kids in their classroom or to send home with them as homework. I simply ask that they not share their account with other teachers. Each teacher who creates printed materials should purchase their own account at The Trip Clip.

To get an idea of the resources teachers can find on The Trip Clip, check out the For Teachers page. There are numerous free samples you can try on this page. The Trip Clip has printables to help with early reading, writing, spelling, math, science, classroom management, visual supports for kids with special needs, holiday fun packets, tools for learning a foreign language or helping ESL kids, and healthy/physical education.

  • Early Reading: crossword puzzles with just the first letter missing, an alphabet game to practice first letter sounds, alphabet bingo (upper case, lower case, and a mix of both), custom license plates so kids can color the letters of their name, reading bingo to encourage reading, and a story retell activity.
  • Writing & Spelling: word search puzzles covering 5 full years of spelling words, custom letter tracing pages, spelling word bingo boards, cryptogram puzzles, hangman templates, picture crossword puzzles, story templates, mazes for hand-eye coordination, coloring pages, traceable thank you notes.
  • Math & Science: unlimited addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division worksheets at any level, pen and paper battleship for grid/graphing practice, 4×4, 6×6, and 9×9 sudoku puzzles, cryptogram puzzles for problem solving practice, a slug bug game for introducing bar charts.
  • Classroom Management: Picture checklists for school schedules, classroom rules, end of day cleanup, and classroom jobs.
  • Visual Supports: Picture checklists to teach daily routines, social skills, and personal care
  • Holiday Packets: Themed packets that include coloring pages, bingo boards, crossword puzzles, word search puzzles, and cryptogram puzzles.
  • ESL and Foreign Languages: Picture lists, bingo boards, word search puzzles, secret message puzzles, and counting games that can be printed in 32 different languages.
  • Physical Education: Walk to school bingo, fitness bingo, fitness tracking board, healthy snack ideas, outdoor scavenger hunts

If there are many teachers at one school who want to use The Trip Clip, I offer a 75% bulk discount to schools. A school can purchase 5 accounts at a time using this discount. After making a purchase, I’ll send a link that will let a school purchase five access codes to The Trip Clip website that can be distributed to teachers at the school. Each teacher can use their access code to set up their own individual account on The Trip Clip website. More access codes can be purchased in increments of 5 if you want to make a bigger bulk purchase for your school.

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