Life Skills Classroom Activity: Make Grocery Lists

A while back a high school teacher who works with developmentally disabled kids wanted to use The Trip Clip to help his students make grocery lists to practice life skills. He hoped to have each student work on their own lists at their own computer, but it didn’t work right because he only had one account, and changes one student made on one computer would alter another student’s list. It was cost-prohibitive for him to buy accounts for every student in the room, even with The Trip Clip’s teacher discount.

I’m happy to report that I’ve fixed this problem for him in his classroom. I changed how it works so that each device now has its own default list. As long as you create a list with a unique name for each person, and each person ensures they are only using their own personal list, changes one person makes from their device will only impact their own list, and not anyone else’s, even if they are editing at the same time. This fix also makes it possible for parents to edit lists for multiple kids who are each using their own list from their own device.

To add a new list, use the menu that looks like this in the upper right corner of your list:

Select “Add new list” and give your list a unique name. A teacher might want to create a list named after each student in their classroom. A parent might want to make a list named after each of their children.

I used this when I took my kids to the grocery store. I made different lists for each of my kids because they were at different levels of ability when we were shopping. My oldest already had his own phone, so he opened his list on his phone, and did harder jobs like ordering from the deli counter. My younger son used a his own list at the same time on my phone and did things like pick produce or get the cereal he likes off the shelf. Having them each use their own list worked great! They were able to check off items on their person list without it impacting their sibling’s list on another device.

They also each had their own after school list. Initially we printed these and hung them on the wall, but when they were older they preferred to use them as mobile lists from their phones, and they were able to do this without needing a second Trip Clip account.

I’m glad teachers are finding The Trip Clip to be helpful in their classrooms, and am always open to adding new features or fixing things to make it work better for teachers! Email me any time with suggestions.

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