Make Your Own First-Then Boards

You can easily make a First-Then boards using The Trip Clip. A First-Then board is a visual support that works well for kids with Autism. You can click here to learn about how First-Then Boards work.

I made these boards using The Trip Clip’s hook & loop picture clips.

First, I printed out the blank boards. You can print a first-then board for free here.

Next I laminated the first-then board, and attached some hook & loop circles to the board.

After that I used the Custom List from The Trip Clip. I was able to drag and drop the pictures I wanted to use to create my picture clips, and then write the text I wanted underneath each picture. I chose to use the Big Picture Clips setting, but you can also make Small Picture Clips, or combine the two if that works better for you.

I printed out my individual pictures, laminated the sheet, and then cut apart each of the picture clips.

After that all I needed was hook and loop circles for the back of each picture, I was able to create my first-then boards, and I can re-use the board with different pictures as needed.

All of the supplies you need to do this yourself can be purchased on The Trip Clip website.

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