Quickly Make a Travel Activity Book

Keeping your kids entertained can sometimes feel overwhelming. If you’re about to take a trip, or even just be in the car for a long time running errands, you will undoubtedly think about what you can bring along to keep your kids entertained so you can travel, or shop, in peace.

Our generation is lucky (and  cursed at the same time) because phones and other electronic devices offer an unlimited supply of entertainment on the go. For many families, this works great! The Trip Clip offers another option, though, to steal back at least a few of the hours that might otherwise be spent on screens.

The Trip Clip offers a wide range of travel activities, from bingo boards to mazes to license plate games to drawing activities. One of the best things about it, though, is how The Activity Book page makes easy it is to quickly make a few selections based on your child’s age and interests, and then click a button to automatically generate as many travel pages as you want. Despite my best efforts when we’re packing for a trip, I’m almost always behind schedule, so I love how quickly I can make a few clicks and put together an activity book with pages I know my kids will like.

There’s a lot of other good tips for Traveling with The Trip Clip on my blog.




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