Traveling With Kids

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In addition to unlimited printable travel activities for in the car, at the airport, in a plane, or at a restaurant, you can use The Trip Clip to print a packing list so your kids can help pack themselves!

Never forget anything ever again! With these simple picture checklists your kids can even do their own packing.

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Mazes are currently my most popular travel activity. The Trip Clip lets you easily print 1000s of mazes that are just the right level for your kids, and each one is different! Print a bunch and clip them into a clipboard for your next trip, or just to keep your kids entertained in the car or at a restaurant.
Make 1000s of Just Right Mazes

Unique tips for taking a road trip with grade school aged kids.

10 Road Trip Tips For Families With Grade Schoolers

Learning While Traveling


Airport Bingo with Clipboard and Pen Learn About the Airport
coloring2 Coloring: Great Handwriting Strengthening!
 Going on a road trip? The whole family will have fun with this fun version of the license plate game. When you spot a license plate from a new state, check it off, and then color it in on the map Learn Geography
 Easily print a custom license plate with your child's name on it. They will love decorating it and making it their own! Design a License Plate
 A scavenger hunt for any occasion. Spot items from the car window, at a sibling's basketball game, at a restaurant - surprisingly fun for the whole family.  Scavenger Hunt Counting and Graphing
 Lots of drawing starters to get your child's creative juices flowing on your next family trip. What do YOU think the tooth fairy looks like? Learning By Drawing
 This printable slug bug game is very entertaining on road trips and even just around town. Your kids can easily keep track of points, and even learn some simple graphing skills in the process!  Take the One Week Slug Bug Challenge
 Great for entertainment and learning! Challenge your child to find an item nearby that begins with each letter. They'll have fun while practicing letter recognition, first letter sounds, handwriting and spelling! Alphabet Game For Letter Recognition, Spelling, and Handwriting
 Secret Message Puzzles are great for teaching problem solving that helps in math, science, and computer programming. And they're super fun, too! You can even write your own secret message for your budding spy to discover. Secret Message Puzzles Teach Problem Solving
 As fun as the board game with no little pieces! This printable, two-player pen and paper Battleship game is very fun, and will keep your kids entertained for a surprisingly long time! Learning Math With Battleship
 These printable Sudoku puzzles for kids are great to carry with you when you travel - 4x4, 6x6 and 9x9. Even young children can get started learning sudoku, and it's great number and problem solving practice! Problem Solving With Sudoku
 These printable hangman templates are a great way to keep your kids entertained anywhere you go. The printed alphabet makes it easier for younger players to see what letters they haven't tried yet. Practice Spelling With Hangman