Exercise Tracker

I suffer from migraines – lots of them, unfortunately.  10-12 a month. I talked to my doctor about medications, and while I was researching her suggestion, I read a study that showed exercising for 40 minutes 3 times/week was as effective as the recommended medication, with fewer side effects. I’m also at high risk for breast cancer, and my surgeon has made it clear that keeping my weight down was the most important thing I could do to take care of myself. So in addition to eating better (more on that later), I’m trying hard to make sure I exercise regularly. And I’ve learned from experience that tracking my behavior is the most effective way to change it. So I made a chart with The Trip Clip!


I actually made them for our whole family because I figure it’s good for all of us.  So far my 15-year-old has not participated, but the rest of us are using our charts to keep track of our activity over the course of each week.  We each chose activities we enjoy, and set our own personal goals for how many times a week we want to be exercising.  Mine is 5 days/week, Micah’s is 3 times/week, for now Matt is just tracking his activity to get a feel for what his starting point is. Lest you think I forced him into this, he seems to be the most excited about this of the 4 of us and is the one most likely to remind me to print the next week’s charts.

We put these on the inside of a cabinet door near the dining room table but may move them someplace more visible to help us remember to mark them. We haven’t tried using a Trip Clip chart in this way before, so I’m curious to see how it works!

I also realized I really need to make the “Custom Checklist” activity have a weekly option.  I had to use the After School Checklist to get all of the clipart I wanted along with the weekly format.  So I added this to my (very long) to do list for The Trip Clip.

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