Week 40: Reading & Writing Practice at the Grocery Store

I really love all of those hidden ways there are to teach my kids something when they don’t even know they’re learning. Finding learning opportunities in everyday things is a big part of why I created The Trip Clip.

Week 40: Reading & Writing Practice at the Grocery Store

This alphabet game from The Trip Clip is a great way to keep your kids entertained at the grocery store, and they’ll be practicing letter recognition, first letter sounds, writing, and spelling skills!

Great for entertainment and learning! Challenge your child to find an item nearby that begins with each letter. Use it at a restaurant, in the airport, or anyplace you go with your kids. Each time you print it you'll get a different set of letters to practice those first letter sounds, handwriting, and spelling!


To play this game, have your child find an item somewhere in the grocery store that begins with each letter.  They might find Tomatoes, for the T, or Rice for the R. Once they find an item, they can write it down on the list.  For younger kids, they can use the labels on the items or the packaging to copy all the letters so that they can spell the word correctly.

This is a fun twist on a scavenger hunt for the grocery store- you’ll be surprised by how much fun your kids have with it.

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