Week 39: Learn Healthy Habits with Walk to School BINGO

I really love all of those hidden ways there are to teach my kids something when they don’t even know they’re learning. Finding learning opportunities in everyday things is a big part of why I created The Trip Clip.

Week 39: Learn Healthy Habits with Walk to School BINGO

International Walk to School Day is Oct 5! Walking to school helps kids concentrate during the day, reduces traffic, is great exercise, and helps the environment.

And a great way to encourage kids to walk is to give them this Walk to School Bingo Board:

Encourage your kids to walk to school with this Bingo Board. It's great for health, concentration, traffic, and the environment!


With The Trip Clip’s Custom Bingo Board, you can create your own walk to school week bingo board to encourage your kids to make walking a habit. You can also customize the board to make it appropriate for your neighborhood, or for your kids. You can focus on safety, or fun, or community, or whatever is best for you and your family!


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  1. […] used this tool to create a BINGO board for Walk to School week for my kids’ school and it was a huge […]

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