After School Screen Time Rules

Make your own picture checklist with over 1500 images to choose from. You can print them or use them on a mobile device. All the lists are stored in the cloud so you can even edit your kid’s list from work and have it ready for them when they get home from school.

Try it now!

Checklists are a great to help kids be responsible for themselves without you having to nag and remind them. Whether you print it and hang it on the fridge or the wall, or make it mobile, your kids will find it handy to know exactly what they need to do. The customizability let’s you change the list for each day of the week, too, to remind them about soccer practice or doctor’s appointments or whatever is coming up.

If you have an older kid, you can even let them create and edit their own list to teach them how to track all of their responsibilities in one place and stay organized.

At my house the most useful part of this was the reminder to empty their lunch box! One of my sons would forget to do that every day, and every morning (including Monday mornings!) we would find a yucky mess of old food and trash that had been sitting sometimes for far too long and had to be cleaned out before a new lunch could be packed. Having it on his daily list got him into the rhythm of doing this right after school every day.

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