Traveling with The Trip Clip

There’s nothing so fun as flying halfway across the country on one of the busiest travel days of the year. As my kids have gotten older (8 and 11) I find that they use The Trip Clip differently than when they were 2 and 5, but they definitely still use it!


Packing List

tripThis is one of the most useful Trip Clip Activities for us.  At 8 and 11, both of my kids are capable of packing very independently as long as they know what to pack. I make the list, and then check their work when they’re done.

Secret Message Puzzles

secretThis has become a favorite as my kids have gotten older, though the age settings make it a good choice for younger kids as well. My kids like to set this to pretty hard, and see if they can decode the sayings. They especially like the holiday themed puzzles.

Crossword Puzzles

crossword-bigThese are all too easy for my 11-year-old, but my 8-year-old still enjoys the “hard” mode for these puzzles. And they’re good spelling practice for him!

Count On It

countonitThis Activity has been a surprising hit in my family for years. Although I originally designed it with younger kids in mind, my kids love this game of “spotting” the things on their list. And since it’s completely customizable, I can tailor the items on the list to each kid, putting slightly less common things on my older son’s list.


mazeMy younger son (8) still loves these mazes. Because a new one is generated every time, they are never the same. The only downside is that even in difficult mode he can whip through them pretty fast, so I find it’s best to use the Workbooks feature to add 20-30 of these to my Print Queue all at once.

For today’s trip, we also printed out some Story pages (my older son plans to use them to draw comic strips), and a customized Bingo board created by my 8-year-old. He really loved getting to pick and choose exactly what items would go on his bingo board. He laughed as he added the picture of the crying baby.

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