Last Minute Teacher Gift!

If you need a last minute teacher gift, here’s a unique present you can buy and print right now, starting at only $2.95! You’ll be supporting a mom-owned, small business, and getting your teacher something they can use again and again for their classroom.

The Trip Clip Gift Cards

Just in time for the holidays, I’ve made it possible for you to give a gift card to a teacher, friend, parent, or child who would like The Trip Clip. You can send a gift card electronically via email, or you can print a gift card at home. Just fold it and pop it in an envelope and you’re done! The card will include a unique code the recipient can enter on The Trip Clip website to access their gift. The best part is that no shipping time is needed. You can buy it and deliver it on the same day!

Try the Bingo activity for $2.95. Teachers can print unlimited bingo boards to make them for every child in their class. These are good for downtime, but also offer lots of learning opportunities for letter recognition, reading practice, even foreign language practice!

Teachers might also like the Alphabet Game, personalized Letter Tracing, Math Practice, or the ability to make their own Word Search puzzles for practicing spelling words, and much more!

You can buy any one of these activities individually as a gift for your teacher for $2.95.

If you want to get all of the fun & educational activities, you can purchase those as a gift card as well for $16.95.

Good For Parents & Kids Too

If you need a little something more for a friend, spouse, or child, The Trip Clip gift cards work for them, too. Any of the activities above will help keep kids entertained (and learning!) while parents get stuff done. Parents might also really appreciate one of The Trip Clip’s picture lists. Try the Chore Chart or Morning Routine activity to help any parents you know get a little more organized for the upcoming year!

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