Spelling BINGO Bundles (1st – 5th Grade)

BINGO is a fun way to help kids learn their weekly spelling words! You can use The Trip Clip to make your own spelling BINGO games using any spelling list you want. Parents can use the list a teacher provided to make a BINGO game to help their kids practice their words each week. Teachers can use their own spelling list to create BINGO boards for their whole class.

You can find instructions for making spelling BINGO boards here, as well as instructions for creating other fun spelling practice activities like letter tracing, word search, cryptogram puzzles, and hangman.

If you don’t want to take the time to create these boards yourself, I’ve made spelling bingo packs for each grade using the spelling curriculum found on the K12 Reader website and I sell them on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Use these links to get the spelling word bingo bundles on Teachers Pay Teachers:

Each of these pre-made bundles includes:

  • 540 unique BINGO boards
  • 18 sets of words with 20-32 words in each set (based on this curriculum). Works out to be a new spelling list every other week of the school year.
  • Calling cards for the teacher for each set of 20-32 words
  • 30 unique BINGO Boards for each group of words, meaning up to 30 students will all have their own BINGO board for each unit

Teachers can use these in small group settings, or as a whole class. Every card is different so kids can trade cards between games.


  1. Print out any group of 2 weeks of words
  2. Laminate all of the pages
  3. Cut each page in half
  4. Cut apart the calling cards (store them in a ziploc for safe keeping)
  5. Play!

This works great as a whole class activity, or in small groups. Every board is different so kids can switch cards between games.

Added learning ideas:

  • Call out the words yourself, or let the students take turn being the caller
  • Have the kid who gets a bingo spell each word in their bingo out loud
  • When a word is called, give the kids time to mark their board, and then have someone in the class spell the word out loud so everyone can check that they marked the right one

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