Pre-Teen Travel Pack: 15 Free Activity Pages

These activity pages are great for keeping kids entertained and even learning a little something when you’re traveling.

You can print them as is for free, or edit them to make them harder or easier or just simply print more!

Here are all the ways kids can learn from these activities:

  • Road sign BINGO which is fun and helps teach rules of the road
  • 2 extreme mazes for problem solving
  • 2 word search puzzles for spelling practice
  • 1 drawing activity for fun and creativity
  • 1 sudoku puzzle for problem solving practice
  • 2 crossword puzzles for problem solving and spelling practice
  • 2 cryptogram puzzles for spelling and problem solving practice
  • Tic tac toe, dots and boxes, and hangman to practice turn taking, problem solving, and spelling

All the activities are designed to fit on a kid-sized clipboard, like this one from The Trip Clip that also comes with an attached, 4-color pen for great screen free travel fun.

Lots of printable activities for kids – picture checklists to keep them on track, activities for at the grocery store, in the car, on a plane, at a restaurant, even for your home schooling adventures. Optional kid-sized clipboard and 4-color pen make it easy to use the activities on the go.

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