Foreign Language Support

The Trip Clip® offers a lot for customers whose native language isn’t English, or those who want to learn a second language. Many of the activities allow you to enter your own text, which means you can enter English, but you can also enter Spanish, French, Chinese, Tagalog, Hebrew, Arabic, Korean, Danish, or pretty much any language you want! You can make any list in any language, and you can also make Bingo boards, word search puzzles, cryptogram puzzles, and count on it games in other languages.

Click here to learn more about using The Trip Clip® in many different languages.

A very helpful customer pointed out last week that support for foreign languages had stopped working correctly at The Trip Clip®. I fixed that issue, and subsequently found other places to improve the foreign language support more broadly. As always with software, sometimes it’s a two steps forwards one step back process, so let me know if you try writing in a language other than English and see anything that’s not working the way you expect. I’ll do my best to get it fixed quickly!

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