Printable Slug Bug Game

Slug Bug has been around forever and can be a lot of fun for the whole family on road trips or even just running errands around town. This printable game board lets you keep track of how many you’ve seen. You can print one for each family member to see who can spot the most, or you can each make predictions ahead of time for how many you think you’ll see in each color, and work together to see whose predictions are the most accurate.

This game is fun, but it can also teach some simple graphing skills as well as introduce the scientific method. You can even play virtually with a friend who lives someplace else and compare notes to see if the same colors are the most common in each locale.

And if you want to throw in some foreign language practice, try putting the names of the colors in another language!

Try it with a kid-sized clipboard to make it easy to use in the car.

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