Week 46 Free Printable: Chores For 10-15 Year Olds

Each week in 2018 I will post a free printable on my blog that you can print and use as many times as you want with your own family.

Chores are a great way to teach responsibility, as well as a ton of important life skills. Many parents aren’t sure what to expect of their kids, so here is a good list of chores that most 10-15 year olds can learn.

These are useful general guidelines, but you can easily edit these to make them right for your family. Chores are a great way to teach important skills and responsibility.

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This list might not be quite right for your 10-15 year old. You can easily edit this list to make it just right for your family.  And remember that kids shouldn’t have these skilled mastered at age 10! Sometime between ages 10 and 15 you can introduce these chores, teach your kids how to do them, and give them chances to practice and eventually master them.


Use these age appropriate chore lists to create a chore chart for your kids. I like to pick 1 or 2 new chores each year to add my kids’ responsibilities. There are lots of good ideas here!

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