Week 36 Free Printable: How to Raise an Adult

Each week in 2018 I will post a free printable on my blog that you can print and use as many times as you want with your own family.

There are lots of things that your kids won’t learn in school that they need to know in order to survive on their own. If your kids are in high school, you may have a sudden moment of realization that there is limited time left to teach them things like how to sew on a button, how to find a good doctor, or how to call a cab.

You can print this convenient, 1-page chart for free to help keep track of which of these skills your kid has mastered. You can also use the links below to edit these lists to remove tasks that aren’t important to you, and add others that are.


Print for free

Edit this list

If there are things I’m missing, let me know in the comments below!  Other parents might like seeing your suggestions too.


2 responses to “Week 36 Free Printable: How to Raise an Adult”

  1. […] needs to learn how to do, and should continue to do into adulthood. Think of these as starting the training for the day your 18-year-old moves out and has to take care of their own […]

  2. […] I’ve written other articles about how to engage kids ages 2-3 in housework and self care because for them it’s just play, and how to use pretend play to begin teaching kids ages 4-5 some important life skills. By ages 6-9, your kids can start to really make contributions to the family that are helpful and that matter. It’s time to help them understand this, teach them to master these tasks to do them as well as an adult, and help them feel proud of their contributions. Think of it as beginning the training they’ll need to do all the way up until age 18 when it’s time for them to move out and take care of themselves and their own household. There’s a lot they need to learn still! […]

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