Week 21 Free Printable: Summer Reading Challenge

Each week in 2018 I will post a free printable on my blog that you can print and use as many times as you want with your own family.

Broaden your kids’ horizons this summer by encouraging them to read outside of their comfort zone. This list uses genres, but you can create any kind of list you want that helps challenge your kids to read new things.  Maybe you’d choose to have them read a  newspaper or an article online? You can easily edit this list!

Make your own summer reading list with The Trip Clip custom checklist maker. This list by book genre will encourage kids to broaden the kinds of books they read this summer.

Print this for free

Edit this list

You can easily edit this list using The Trip Clip website.  You can add more items, remove items, and even change the pictures or the text.

Talk to your kids and work together to great a customized challenge to keep then engaged and reading all summer.  And a reward for the completion of the list won’t hurt anything!

If you create a list that works well for your family, share it with me a molly@thetripclip.com.  I love to see all the creative ideas my customers come up with!


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