Week 3: Handwriting Practice

For 2016, each week I will share a new way you can use The Trip Clip as a learning tool. I’d love to hear any feedback you have, or other ways you’ve found to teach your kids using The Trip Clip!

Week 3: Handwriting, Name Spelling, and Phone # Memorization Practice

Make handwriting practice more meaningful to your kids with The Trip Clip letter tracing activity.  You can enter in any words or numbers you want, so the possibilities are endless.

My favorite?

Have them trace their name and phone number.  It’s handwriting practice, name spelling practice, and phone number memorization all in one!

Writing practice, name spelling, and phone number memorization, all in one!


The Trip Clip lets you enter in any words, phrases, or numbers you want.  You can also work on each letter individually, and The Trip Clip has a lot of different settings to meet your child at their level.

Capital Letters

Print the whole Alphabet, or just letters your child needs to work on.


You can also change the size of the letters to make them smaller as your child’s handwriting improves.

letter-tracing-bigA-small   letter-tracing-bigB-small   letter-tracing-bigC-small

Lower Case Letters

The Trip Clip has lower case letters for tracing too.

letter-tracing-littlea-large   letter-tracing-littleb-large   letter-tracing-littlec-large

First Letter Sounds

You can also print combined capital and lower case letters with pictures to reinforce first letter sounds.

letter-tracing-both   letter-tracing-b-both   letter-tracing-c-both


And if your little one needs to work on writing numbers, The Trip Clip has those too!


Handwriting practice for the whole alphabet and all the numbers at thetripclip.com! You can even enter your own words for your child to trace - try their name, address, and telephone number!

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