New School Schedule Clipart

As more schools are moving online I’ve had lots of requests for logos for educational websites parents plan to use to help homeschool their kids. If there are others you need, let me know in the comments!

This activity continues to be available for free through April.


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How To Blow Your Nose

Returning to my original 2020 theme focusing on special needs families, I’ve added clipart and a free list to help teach kids to blow their nose!


See all visual supports

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1st – 5th Grade Spelling Practice

Here is another new tool to help parents who are dealing with school closures. I’ve added spelling lists by grade level to the word search activity. A good puzzle is a great way to help spelling words sink in!

This activity is free through April.


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COVID-19 Resources

I wanted to do what I could to help families who are staying at home with closed schools, so I’m offering some of my activities for free through April.

I already announced that the School Schedule activity is free.


Now you can also get the educational activities for free.


As an added bonus, I also now allow you to upgrade to full access to the website for a discount if you already own some activities. This means that if you sign up for the free educational activities, you can then purchase full access at a $10 discount. Enjoy!

See all of my COVID-19 activities and free printables.

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New School Schedule Clipart

I’ve had a lot of suggestions for additional school schedule clipart, so I’ve added more than 50 new pictures! This activity will remain free until the end of April for anyone who wants to use it. Click here to sign up!


See the full collection

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Free Activity: School Schedule

For all the parents freaking out about how to handle kids at home without school due to the Coronavirus, here is a rough daily home school routine that might help.


You can print it for free, but I’ve also made it so you can EDIT this for free.

I recommend editing this list to suit your family, printing it, and then hanging it where everyone in the house can see it. If you send me what you create, I will post everyone’s lists in a shared location online too so we can all see each other’s and share good ideas about how to get through this!

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New Product: The Trip Clip Travel Bundle

I now offer a Travel Bundle! You’ll get a kid-sized clipboard, 4-color pen, and the ability to customize and print all of the travel activities on The Trip Clip website. Perfect for your next trip, including trips around town!

travel-activities-kids-clipboard-customize-600Get it now!

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Free Printable: How To Wash Your Hands

You can print this hand washing checklist for free and then hang it in your bathroom. The pictures make it great for kids, people with special needs, and any adults who might need a reminder!


Print for free

Edit this list

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Free Printable: Steps For Getting Dressed

Are you one of those parents who finds your kid in their room deeply absorbed in play and naked except for a single sock 15 minutes after you sent them there to get dressed?  A checklist can help them stay focused and remember what’s next!

I added a bunch of new pictures to the Personal Care activity to let you make your own version of these lists. I know a lot of kids with ASD need very specific pictures, so you can edit these lists to switch items out for dresses, skirts, shorts, long-sleeved shirts, different colors and styles, etc. If you don’t see what you need send me a message. I can’t promise I’ll get everything you need added but I will try my best!

Click here to print these for freeright now!

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New Product Bundle: Educational Activities

I now sell an educational activities bundle: Letter tracing, math practice, word search, write a story, first letter sounds, and sudoku, all configurable to make them the right difficulty for your kids. Just customize, print, and go!


You can get unlimited use of all six of these activities for just $9.95.

There are lots of other ways to find educational opportunities use The Trip Clip activities. Check out 52 Weeks of Learning with The Trip Clip!


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