Checking My Privilege

What I propose here isn’t for everyone.  I understand that.  I’m a feminist, my husband is a feminist, and my proposals here center around a belief that women deserve equality, and have not yet achieved it. I’ve spent enough time on the Internet to know that many don’t agree with me.  This blog probably isn’t for you. I’d encourage you, though, to read about why feminism is important and needed – you can feel free to respond in the comments and let me know why you disagree!

I also recognize that as a white, well-educated woman, married to a white, well-educated man, who has the financial resources to choose my work, I am privileged in many, many ways.  I  welcome insights into how others who do not have my privilege are fighting this battle. And at the same time I encourage anyone who shares my privilege, ESPECIALLY those who share my privilege, to use that privilege to do some of the things my husband and I have done to help those who don’t have that privilege.  It is in fact because we have this privilege that we should be doing what we can to make the world more fair for everyone else.