Make Any BINGO Board

BINGO is a fun game, and an incredible learning tool. From travel bingo, to chores bingo, to spelling bingo, you can make any kind of bingo board you need with The Trip Clip. There are many different ways you can play bingo. Whether you're aiming for 5 in a row, blacking out the whole board, … Continue reading Make Any BINGO Board

A Secret Message Grocery List

Keeping kids going on a trip to the grocery store can be a real challenge. In fact, this problem is what inspired me to create The Trip Clip in the first place! I found that planning ahead and working to actively engage my son at the store was the most effective way to get him … Continue reading A Secret Message Grocery List

Week 6: Learning Through Drawing

Week 6: Learning Through Drawing This is something I may need more than my kids.  Whenever we sit down together to draw, I get immediate drawer's block.  That's a thing.  Really. Seriously, though, there's something about staring at that blank page that just makes me freeze. Sometimes, a little inspiration is just the thing that's needed.  These drawing … Continue reading Week 6: Learning Through Drawing

30 Secret Message Puzzles & Riddles

Secret Message Puzzles (or Cryptograms) are great for teaching problem solving that helps in math, science, and computer programming. And they’re super fun, too! These 30 puzzles all have plenty of hints to get new puzzlers started on this fun word game. They'll also be practicing letter recognition and early reading skills. Learn more about how … Continue reading 30 Secret Message Puzzles & Riddles

13 Ways to Make Grocery Shopping with Kids Less Torturous. Or maybe even fun.

Alissa from Bounceback Parenting wrote a great blog post about how to survive grocery shopping with her three kids. #2 on her list was to make a grocery list for your kids. Here's what she had to say: 2. Make the kids grocery lists – You can create you own from newspaper clippings or just writing … Continue reading 13 Ways to Make Grocery Shopping with Kids Less Torturous. Or maybe even fun.

Pre-Teen Travel Pack: 15 Free Activity Pages

These activity pages are great for keeping kids entertained and even learning a little something when you’re traveling. You can print them as is for free, or edit them to make them harder or easier or just simply print more! Here are all the ways kids can learn from these activities: Road sign BINGO which is fun and … Continue reading Pre-Teen Travel Pack: 15 Free Activity Pages