Free Beginner Cryptogram Puzzle

Another Monday, another free (and fun!) activity from The Trip Clip.  Secret Message Puzzles are great for teaching problem solving that helps in math, science, and computer programming. And they're super fun, too! You can even write your own secret message for your budding spy to discover. This puzzle it set at beginner level. You can … Continue reading Free Beginner Cryptogram Puzzle

New Product Bundle: Educational Activities

I now sell an educational activities bundle: Letter tracing, math practice, word search, write a story, first letter sounds, and sudoku, all configurable to make them the right difficulty for your kids. Just customize, print, and go! You can get unlimited use of all six of these activities for just $9.95. There are lots of … Continue reading New Product Bundle: Educational Activities

Week 28: Math Practice

Week 28: Math Practice Get in a little extra math practice before school starts with these fully customizable math practice pages from The Trip Clip. From single digit addition all the way through 5 digit division, you can challenge your kids at their level. Choose addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division. Choose from 1-digit, 2-digit, 3-digit, 4-digit, … Continue reading Week 28: Math Practice

Week 26: Learning SO MUCH at the Grocery Store

Week 26: Learning SO MUCH at the Grocery Store (or How to ENJOY Grocery Shopping with Kids) The grocery store is an incredibly rich place for teaching your kids all sorts of things. And given how often I end up at the store with my kids, I figure I might as well take advantage of all of those … Continue reading Week 26: Learning SO MUCH at the Grocery Store

Week 23: Learning Math with Count On it

Week 23: Learning Math with Count On It This game is one of my family's favorites.  It's surprisingly fun, even for the adults!  It's like watching for VW bugs, but you can pick what things you watch for, and there are hundreds of images to choose from on The Trip Clip website. The game is easy - … Continue reading Week 23: Learning Math with Count On it