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Morning Routine: Daily, Weekly, Mobile, Magnetic, Hook & Loop

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from raising my own kids, and from 15 years of working on The Trip Clip, it’s that there is no single checklist that will work for every kid. Even if you find a good … Continue reading

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Lunch Box Packing In Any Language

I realized that foreign language support for the lunch box packing list activity wasn’t working correctly, so I fixed it! You can now make a lunch box packing list in almost any language. I made one in Spanish that you … Continue reading

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13 Ways to Make Grocery Shopping with Kids Less Torturous. Or maybe even fun.

Alissa from Bounceback Parenting wrote a great blog post about how to survive grocery shopping with her three kids. #2 on her list was to make a grocery list for your kids. Here’s what she had to say: 2. Make … Continue reading

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Thank You Notes Kids Can Trace

I updated the Letter Tracing Activity to make it easy to print out traceable thank you notes. You can choose a picture for the top of the card, enter your own text, then print & fold the thank you note … Continue reading

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Apriendo en la Tienda de Comestibles: 10 Actividadas Gratuitas

You can learn at the grocery store – in Spanish! Many of The Trip Clip® activities allow full customization, which means you can easily make them in any language you want. Whether Spanish is your native language, or you want … Continue reading

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How To Have a Conversation & Interrupt Politely

I’ve created a number of checklists about how to have a conversation as well as how to interrupt politely. These may be helpful reminders for kids as we enter the holiday season and spend lots of time socializing! You can … Continue reading

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Nutrition: Lunch Box Packing & Healthy Snacks

This is a great time of year to be thinking about healthy eating for the whole family. I’ve used these two tools – the lunch box packing list and the healthy snack ideas list – to help teach my kids … Continue reading

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Chores Bingo

Chores Bingo is a great way to mix things up and make chores more fun. Unlike daily assigned chores, this bingo board lets kids try — and learn! — different jobs. It works surprisingly well for spreading the work load … Continue reading

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Kid Lunch Packing Checklist

This school year have your kids pack their own healthy lunch by picking one thing from each category. This is a great way to promote independence and teach nutrition! You can print it as is for free, or edit it … Continue reading

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Bedtime Routine: Printed, Mobile, or Magnetic

Start off on the right foot this school year by establishing a solid bedtime routine. Print it, use it on a mobile device, or make it magnetic! Try it here!

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