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5 Creative Spelling Practice Ideas

If you’re looking for new ways to help kids practice their spelling lists beyond quizzing them over and over, try some of these activities that let kids experience the words in many different contexts. They can really help the spelling … Continue reading

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30 Secret Message Puzzles & Riddles

Secret Message Puzzles (or Cryptograms) are great for teaching problem solving that helps in math, science, and computer programming. And they’re super fun, too! These 30 puzzles all have plenty of hints to get new puzzlers started on this fun … Continue reading

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Exercise With a Side of Science

These activities helped me get my son moving during Covid remote school days, so I thought others might find them helpful too. They give you a reason to go out for a walk, and you can do a little science … Continue reading

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9 Free Printable Valentine’s Day Activities

These Valentine’s Day themed activity pages let kids practice hand-eye coordination, handwriting, spelling, and problem solving. There are 2 coloring pages, a crossword puzzle with picture clues, 2 word search puzzles and 2 cryptogram riddles, both at two difficulty levels. … Continue reading

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Beginning & End of Day Picture Checklists

Print and laminate these picture checklists to help kids remember what to do each day when they arrive at school, and at the end of the day to clean up and get the classroom back in order in preparation for … Continue reading

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Print a Classroom Jobs Chart

I created a PDF you can use to print your own jobs chart for your classroom. Free! It includes a Jobs Chart plus 20 jobs and 20 blank name squares. Print the Jobs Chart Here’s how to make this: Print … Continue reading

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Thank You Notes Kids Can Trace

I updated the Letter Tracing Activity to make it easy to print out traceable thank you notes. You can choose a picture for the top of the card, enter your own text, then print & fold the thank you note … Continue reading

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Math Addition Practice Bundle: 1-digit, 2-digit-, 3-digit, and 4-digit addition

I created math addition practice packets for 1-digit, 2-digit, 3-digit, and 4-digit addition practice and am selling them on Teachers Pay Teachers. You can buy the whole bundle, or buy each level individually (links below). These packets offer graduated addition … Continue reading

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Pre-Teen Travel Pack: 15 Free Activity Pages

These activity pages are great for keeping kids entertained and even learning a little something when you’re traveling. You can print them as is for free, or edit them to make them harder or easier or just simply print more! Here are all … Continue reading

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Apriendo en la Tienda de Comestibles: 10 Actividadas Gratuitas

You can learn at the grocery store – in Spanish! Many of The Trip Clip® activities allow full customization, which means you can easily make them in any language you want. Whether Spanish is your native language, or you want … Continue reading

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