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Dad Cooks 1 Weeknight/Week

Here is something simple your family can do to help share the load more evenly (if you’re not already!) Have Dad be in charge of dinner one weeknight each week – and I mean all the way in charge.  He … Continue reading

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Working Moms and Summer Break

For working moms, summer break can cause a kind of panic you may not have experienced before. If your child was in daycare before kindergarten, that first summer after kindergarten can be a bit of a shock when it first … Continue reading

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What We Learned Working Part-Time for 15 Years

When you have a baby, the first question you’re usually asked is “Boy or girl?”. And that is often followed not long after by “Will you stay home or go back to work?”. The first question is asked of both … Continue reading

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New Morning Routine Clipart

My customers have made lots of great suggestions for additions to the Morning Routine activity! Here are 27 new items to choose from:

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Quickly Make a Travel Activity Book

Keeping your kids entertained can sometimes feel overwhelming. If you’re about to take a trip, or even just be in the car for a long time running errands, you will undoubtedly think about what you can bring along to keep … Continue reading

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Try An Online Shared Calendar

I’ve already written about how Google Docs has helped my family immensely with a Shared To-Do List. Today’s post is about another great Google offering – a shared family calendar via Google calendar. This is a great solution for households … Continue reading

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Working Moms: Your Kids Can Help!

There are lots of good reasons to have your kids do chores. Chores teach skills that kids will not learn in school, but are critical for them to learn before they’re on their own. They also teach responsibility and give your kids … Continue reading

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