5 Tools for PE Teachers

The printable activities below were inspired by an incredible PE teacher at my kids' elementary school. Each month, the homework she gave was an exercise calendar for the kids to fill out. They would write down anything they did to get exercise outside of school, and indicate if it was cardio, strength training, or endurance. … Continue reading 5 Tools for PE Teachers

Life Skills Classroom Activity: Make Grocery Lists

A while back a high school teacher who works with developmentally disabled kids wanted to use The Trip Clip to help his students make grocery lists to practice life skills. He hoped to have each student work on their own lists at their own computer, but it didn't work right because he only had one … Continue reading Life Skills Classroom Activity: Make Grocery Lists

The Trip Clip For Therapists & Providers

The Trip Clip® has been used successfully by occupational therapists, speech therapists, and other providers who work with kids. There are activities to help with reading skills, handwriting, executive functioning skills, and more. You can see all of them here. I know that many kids who need these kinds of tools have multiple therapists and … Continue reading The Trip Clip For Therapists & Providers