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Spelling BINGO Bundles (1st – 5th Grade)

BINGO is a fun way to help kids learn their weekly spelling words! You can use The Trip Clip to make your own spelling BINGO games using any spelling list you want. Parents can use the list a teacher provided … Continue reading

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Print Your Own Morning Routine Magnets

Morning routine magnets are an excellent way to help get through tough mornings getting the kids out the door in time for school. At first my family used a paper checklist that we hung on the wall, but after a … Continue reading

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44 Crossword Puzzles With First Letter Missing: Fun Letter Sound Practice

Crossword puzzles with the first letter missing are a fun way for kids to practice first letter sounds. Kids can learn about how to match the clues to the location in the puzzle, identify the picture, and then identify the … Continue reading

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Personal Care & Hygiene

As a parent one of your jobs is to make sure your kids learn proper hygiene. For some kids a picture checklist can help teach them all the right steps. Little kids and kids with special needs will find these … Continue reading

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5 Creative Spelling Practice Ideas

If you’re looking for new ways to help kids practice their spelling lists beyond quizzing them over and over, try some of these activities that let kids experience the words in many different contexts. They can really help the spelling … Continue reading

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A Secret Message Grocery List

Keeping kids going on a trip to the grocery store can be a real challenge. In fact, this problem is what inspired me to create The Trip Clip in the first place! I found that planning ahead and working to … Continue reading

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10 Road Trip Tips For Families with Grade Schoolers

Last summer our family took a 3 week road trip from Seattle to Chicago and back again. Here are our top 10 best tips and tricks: 1. Kid Photographers: Get them to use those iPod and iPad screens to appreciate … Continue reading

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Morning Routine: Daily, Weekly, Mobile, Magnetic, Hook & Loop

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from raising my own kids, and from 15 years of working on The Trip Clip, it’s that there is no single checklist that will work for every kid. Even if you find a good … Continue reading

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Week 6: Learning Through Drawing

Week 6: Learning Through Drawing This is something I may need more than my kids.  Whenever we sit down together to draw, I get immediate drawer’s block.  That’s a thing.  Really. Seriously, though, there’s something about staring at that blank page that … Continue reading

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30 Secret Message Puzzles & Riddles

Secret Message Puzzles (or Cryptograms) are great for teaching problem solving that helps in math, science, and computer programming. And they’re super fun, too! These 30 puzzles all have plenty of hints to get new puzzlers started on this fun … Continue reading

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