New Feature: Bubble Lists!

Over the years I’ve had a few customers ask me if they can use the same category-based layout the Lunch Box Checklist has but for their other types of lists. Now you can!

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This new type of list, which I’ve decided to call a bubble list, lets you group your tasks into categories. In the morning routine example above I chose days of the weeks for my categories allowing the list to work for the whole week, but like with all The Trip Clip lists, you can customize it to put anything you want in there! For the second list below, I grouped similar tasks together and represented just a single day, allowing me to include a lot more detail.

This new list format lets you set your own categories (as many or as few as you want), choose any pictures or upload your own, and write your own text.

For right now, there are some limitations to this new type of list:

  • For right nowou can only make bubble lists using the Lunch Box Checklist or the Morning Routine. I’ll get this added to other list types over the next few weeks/months as I have time.
  • This style of list doesn’t work interactively yet on the phone or a mobile device, but I’ll get that added soon too.
  • I haven’t made it possible to make full page bubble lists yet.

This is very new, so there may be a few hiccups along the way. If you try it and run into any problems, email me and I’ll get them fixed as quickly as I can!

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