49 Ideas To Keep Kids Entertained This Summer

I created this chart to help parents fill the long summer days with lots of fun and a little learning too! This is a new expanded version with even more ideas.

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If you need even more ideas, try some of these other helpful offerings from The Trip Clip:

  1. Teach your child some new chores. Summer is an excellent time to help kids learn skills they’ll need to know by the time they’re 18, and that aren’t taught in school!
  2. Try a BINGO Bored Board. You can try mine for free or use The Trip Clip website to make your own.
  3. Take on a fitness challenge. These can be good for your kids and for the whole family.
  4. Try these ideas to get your kids reading. These are some free lists and a BINGO board to help encourage your kids to read this summer.
  5. Set up some summer vacation rules. Although summer is full of free time for most kids, a little structure is still good! Help your kids know what your expectations are.
  6. Embrace screen time! Try saying yes to screen time and then encourage your kids towards some educational options.
  7. Do some summer learning. Studies show that kids often backslide over the summer. The Trip Clip has a few activities that will help them keep up their math, spelling, and writing skills.

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