Custom Design a To Do / Done Board

A customer asked me last week if she could print a To Do / Done Board without a picture in the bottom left corner. I printed custom boards for her with no picture, and then added this feature to my website so others can do this too! You can now purchase a printed magnetic board with no picture, or you can print your own at home without a picture (with the purchase of any picture checklist).

Most customers have made good use of the feature I introduced a year ago to let them choose a picture for the bottom corner of the To Do / Done board. I’ve loved seeing how customers have customized their boards with color, their child’s name, and the image they pick for the bottom corner. Here is a sampling of some of The Trip Clip to do / done boards customers have ordered:

Notice that not only can you choose a picture (or no picture), you can also choose a color, change the text at the top (including using accents and special characters), and if you print your own at home you can also change the text that says To Do & Done.

I think my favorites of the ones above are the one that’s labeled College (I want to know what items that family put on this list) and the one that says Vagrant. What a great name for a dog!

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