Unique Gift For Mom, Dad, Or Kids!

Here’s a gift your wife, or husband, or maybe even your kid will like! A personalized magnetic checklist is both cute and a helpful tool for many households. You can make a morning routine, a bedtime routine, a chore chart, an after school chart, or a school day checklist. Hang it on your fridge, a cookie sheet, or any magnetic surface to help the whole family be just a little more organized and less stressed.

The To Do / Done board allows you to customize the color, the name at the top, and choose from 80 different pictures to put in the bottom left corner. You’ll also get a set of 20 pre-printed, 1-inch, 30 mil thick magnets, along with the ability to use The Trip Clip website to make additional custom magnets of your own design.

When you order, you’ll choose your customized design for the To Do / Done boards. I’ll print it on special magnetic paper, and bundle it up with your choice of magnet packs and give you some extra materials so you can make more of your own. This ability to make a few custom magnets is great if you need something very specific. At my house, I created a magnet that said “library book (Tues)” to remind my kids that Tuesday was their library day to help them remember which day they needed to have their library book with them in order to check out something new that week.

The magnet board is a simple tool, but it can make a big difference in getting out the door on time in the mornings, or reducing arguments in the after school hours. Your kids will like knowing what’s expected of them, and it’s often easier for a chart to remind them rather than have a parent nagging them. I really liked not having to keep track of all the things my kids needed to remember to do, because the chart did the keeping track for all of us.

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