Sports BINGO Boards

I had my niece Gaby create sets of 30 BINGO boards and calling cards, all on sports themes, that teachers can use in their classrooms. For right now only the Football BINGO and Soccer BINGO boards are posted on Teachers Pay Teachers, but soon I will add basketball and baseball too.

BINGO is a fun classroom activity for down time, or even at home, and you can sneak in some learning while you play. This PDF includes

  • 30 unique BINGO boards with football-related pictures, numbers, and letters on each board
  • A set of calling cards


  1. Print out 30 BINGO boards and associated calling cards
  2. Laminate all of the pages
  3. Cut the 30 bingo board pages in half
  4. Cut apart the calling cards (store them in a ziploc for safe keeping)
  5. Give the kids dry erase markers
  6. Play!

This works great as a whole class activity, or in small groups. Every board is different so kids can switch cards between games.

Added learning ideas:

  • Start by playing a straightforward game of BINGO, asking the kids to get 5 in a row. Have them trade boards in between games. Younger kids especially will benefit by being able to see the pictures along with the words spelled underneath each picture.
  • Ask kids who have the item on their board to raise their hand and choose someone to spell the word. Or, have someone who DOESN’T have it on their board try to spell it, and those who have it can check their guess.
  • Switch it up by letting the kids be the caller.
  • When the item is one of the letters on the board, call on kids to suggest a foot-ball related word that starts with the letter. It’s great first letter sound practice.
  • For older kids, call out the letter, but ask them to write a word that starts with that letter in the box. In order to win they need to have written words that correctly start with the letter shown.
  • For an out-of-the-box learning opportunity, have the kids each bring a laminated board home and use it while watching a game over the weekend. Have them each see how many of the things on their board they can spot during the game.

How To Make Your Own

My niece created these BINGO Boards using The Trip Clip and some written instructions I gave her. She started by going to the Bingo activity on The Trip Clip and selecting football on the left side of the screen. She took a picture of all of the football-related pictures available. Then, using the Custom List activity in ‘small picture clip’ mode, she added each football-related picture to her list in order to make all the calling cards. Then she added the calling cards to the Print Queue.

Next she went back to the Bingo activity and selected ‘add new bingo’ from the menu in the upper right corner of the preview area. The Trip Clip will automatically generate a new board each time you select ‘add new bingo’, so she simply had to do this 30 times, and then add the new board to the Print Queue each time.

This was an easy task for Gaby, and she quickly made sets of 30 bingo boards for football, baseball, soccer, and basketball. I was especially impressed when Gaby noticed that the list of pictures I gave her to turn into calling cards didn’t include the letters and numbers that are automatically included in all of the sports bingo boards (I had forgotten about this). Her attention to details like this is super helpful. I fixed her instructions to have her make additional calling cards that included the letters and numbers, so now the calling cards I include with the 30 BINGO boards are complete!

The Trip Clip Bingo activity is super versatile, with over 900 pictures to choose from and the ability to quickly generate unique BINGO boards. Parents and teachers who want to make some fun and educational activities for their kids will find that their only limitation is their imagination!

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