Free Holiday Printables + TpT Cyber Sale

Get these 7 printable activity pages for free, and then check out the Teachers Pay Teachers Cyber Sale happening Nov 28 & 29.

These 7 free Christmas activities include 2 coloring pages, a crossword puzzle with picture clues, 2 word search puzzles and 2 cryptogram riddles, both at two difficulty levels.

You can print these 7 Christmas activities for free.

You can also purchase these activities on The Trip Clip to print an unlimited number of additional activity pages. There are over 750 coloring pages, 44 crossword puzzles with picture clues, a word search maker that generates a unique word search puzzle on any theme you want, from 5×5 puzzles to 20×20 puzzles, and a cryptogram maker that generates a unique cryptogram puzzle on any theme you want at any difficulty level you want. This set of features lets you make any themed activity books you want so kids will have fun while practicing hand-eye coordination, handwriting, spelling, and problem solving. 

For anyone who celebrates Hanukkah, you can also print 7 Hanukkah activities for free, or get a subscription to generate more Hanukkah themed activity pages.

Teachers Pay Teachers Cyber Sale

For teachers who prefer pre-made bundles for their classroom, check out the cyber sale happening on Teachers Pay Teachers Nov 28 & 29. There are spelling and activity bundles from The Trip Clip, as well as lots of other content creators who are participating in the cyber sale.

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