Teachers Pay Teachers Cyber Sale Nov 28 & 29

The Trip Clip is participating in the Nov 28th & 29th cyber sale happening on Teachers Pay Teachers! All of the products I sell on Teachers Pay Teachers will be 25% off for these 2 days only.

Go to my TpT Store now!

I sell a range of printable products on Teachers Pay Teachers. Here are some of my most popular items:

Secret Message Puzzles & Riddles

Secret Message Puzzles (or Cryptograms) are great for teaching problem solving that helps in math, science, and computer programming. And they’re super fun, too! These 30 puzzles all have plenty of hints to get new puzzlers started on this fun word game. They’ll also be practicing letter recognition and early reading skills.

Get it here

5 Free Time Games

Dots and Boxes, Battleship, Tic Tac Toe, Hangman, and the Alphabet Game. You can print these five pen and paper games to keep kids busy when they have some free time. They offer spelling practice, first letter recognition, simple graphing practice, and writing practice.

Dots and Boxes: Teaches handwriting, planning ahead, strategy

Battleship: Teaches simple graphing, plotting coordinates on a graph, and number lines

Tic Tac Toe: Teaches turn taking, handwriting

Hangman: Teaches reading, writing, spelling, letter sounds and combinations

Alphabet Game: Have kids find something near them that starts with each letter. Teaches first letter sounds, spelling, and handwriting.

Get them here

39 Drawing Starters

These are excellent imagination boosters. Each drawing clip is a half sheet of paper and includes a partial image and a suggestion for something kids can draw to complete the picture. It’s a really fun way to get kids drawing, and break them out of any ruts they may be in!

Get them here

Alphabet BINGO

BINGO is a fun way to help kids learn to recognize their letters. This PDF includes

  • 30 unique BINGO boards with 24 upper and lower case letters on each board
  • A set of 52 calling cards


  1. Print out 30 BINGO boards and associated calling cards
  2. Laminate all of the pages
  3. Cut the 30 bingo board pages in half
  4. Cut apart the 52 calling cards (store them in a ziploc for safe keeping)
  5. Give the kids dry erase markers
  6. Play!

This works great as a whole class activity, or in small groups. Every board is different so kids can switch cards between games.

Added learning ideas:

  • Start with the Capital letters boards and play a straightforward game of BINGO, asking the kids to get 5 in a row. Have them trade boards in between games.
  • When they’re ready, switch them to lower case letters or a mix of upper and lower case letters to practice those too
  • Switch it up by letting the kids be the caller
  • For kids who already know all of their letters, instead of calling out the letter name, say a word that starts with that letter and have them identify the first letter sound and then find it on their BINGO board. They can do this quietly to themselves, or you can call on someone to say the name of the first letter.
  • For even older kids, call out the letter, but ask them to write a word that starts with that letter in the box. In order to win they need 5 words that correctly start with the letter shown.

Get it here

Printable Chore Charts

I also sell PDFs that include all the printable items you need to make magnetic or hook & loop checklists. You can make a morning routine, a school schedule, an after school checklist, a chore chart, or a bed time routine. Each packet includes:

  • 20 printable picture clips (big and small so you can choose which to use)
  • A 7×10 To Do / Done board with placement markers (lined up for small picture clips)
  • A 7×10 To Do / Done board with no placement markers (you can choose which to use)

Directions for making a magnetic chart:

  1. Print out the pages you want to use
  2. Trim the edges of the To Do / Done board to 7.5 x 10
  3. Affix the picture clips (big or small) onto adhesive magnet paper (you will need to buy this separately)
  4. Cut apart your 20 magnets
  5. Use magnets to hang the To Do / Done board on any magnetic surface – a cookie sheet will work
  6. Arrange the magnets on the To Do / Done board

Directions for making a hook & loop chart:

  1. Print out the pages you want to use
  2. Laminate the pages
  3. Trim the edges of the To Do / Done board to 7.5 x 10
  4. Cut apart your 20 picture clips
  5. Put scratchy hook & loop pieces on the left and right sides of the To Do / Done board (you will need to buy your own hook & loop circles or strip)
  6. Put soft hook & loop pieces on the back of each picture clip
  7. Arrange the the picture clips on the To Do / Done board

Get them here


In addition to the products listed above I sell 1st-5th grade spelling bundles with word search and letter tracing activities, crossword puzzles with picture clues, animal bingo for the whole classroom, 1st – 5th grade spelling bingo for the whole classroom, math practice packets, and themed coloring books. Check them all out here!

You can also find a plethora of other educational and teacher-focused materials on Teachers Pay Teachers beyond just what is available in The Trip Clip store. I high recommend this resource!

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