Marketing with Pinterest

As the sole owner of my business, I wear many hats. One of the more challenging ones for me is marketing manager. It does not come naturally to me! I use a lot of tools/technology to help me out since that’s where I’m more comfortable, and it’s become clear that a lot of my customers find The Trip Clip via Pinterest. As a result, I’ve been working on optimizing my Pinterest product pins, which forces me to figure out the best ways to showcase my products in images and words. Still not my forte, but I keep trying!

Here is a product pin I made for The Trip Clip’s All Activities Clipboard Bundle. I think it does a better job than other pins I’ve made of showing the breadth of what The Trip Clip offers:

You can see it on Pinterest here.

The Clipboard Bundle includes a plastic, 6”x9” kid-sized clipboard, 4-color click pen on a string, and website access that lets you customize and print 13 kinds of picture checklists and an unlimited number of pages from 21 fun and educational activities. Create unlimited morning routines, bedtime routines, chore charts, after school checklists, grocery lists, bingo boards, computer-generated mazes, word search puzzles, coloring pages, picture crossword puzzles, and much more! The picture checklists and BINGO boards have over 1500 images to choose from and can also be used on any mobile device. You can even write your own text – in any language! All of the activities are made fully portable by the clipboard and attached pen. 

Additional Images

Pinterest also lets me specify a list of secondary images to go with any pin. These also help tell a good story about The Trip Clip:

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