Cookie Sheet Driving Directions Game

There are many ways to use The Trip Clip with a cookie sheet, including this idea I had recently of using a cookie sheet with the Driving Directions activity for some unique car entertainment with built in learning.

How To Play

Here are a few suggestions for how to set this game up for your kids:

  • Put all of the options on the left side of the cookie sheet, and have your kids transcribe your route on the right be recording the turns and landmarks you pass. Then see if they can predict the route on the way home by going backwards through the directions, and figure out the turns are all the opposite way.
  • Make the route yourself ahead of time so they can see it and follow along as you go.
  • See if your child can picture the route to a familiar location (like the grocery store) before you leave and write it down in magnet form. Then have them check their route (like testing a computer program) on the way there to see if they were right.
  • If you have time, have your child write down the route to someplace familiar ahead of time, and then follow it no matter what! You may end up someplace crazy, but I guarantee it will be a good laugh for everyone. And educational. I used to do a version of this with my kids (minus the magnets). I would have them navigate home from an outing, and no matter what, I would go whichever way they said to go! Sometimes we drove in circles for quite a while before they recognized something and knew how to get home. They LOVED when I did this with him. And discovered how bad they were at knowing how to get most of the places we frequented.

How To Learn w/ This Game

There is a ton of learning to be found in all of these ideas. Kids can:

  • Learn left from right
  • Learn cardinal directions: North, South, East and West
  • Learn how to navigate their neighborhood
  • Practice their observational skills
  • Learn about rules of the road and road signs
  • Do some simple programing by writing down step by step driving directions
  • Learn to test a program that either you or they have written

The best part is that your kids will be having fun and not even realize they’re learning.

Cookie Sheet

You can use any cookie sheet you already have in your cabinet, though if your used ones are anything like mine, you may want to buy a new one for the car. Luckily these are available for not much money at the Dollar Tree.

Making the Magnets

All of the The Trip Clip’s lists come with the option for you to turn them into magnets or hook & loop pieces. You can make these magnets yourself by following these steps:

  • Buy the Print Your Own Magnets product with the Driving Directions activity. This is the most cost-effective way to get all the pieces you need, though you can also buy the activity or the adhesive magnet paper separately.
  • Go to the Driving Directions activity and select ‘small picture clips’ on the left. Or ‘big picture clips’ if you prefer!
  • Add all of the pictures to your list, and maybe add some of the more common ones, like turn left, turn right, stop sign, stop light, etc, more than once.
  • Print the pictures on regular paper, and then affix them to the adhesive magnet paper.
  • Cut apart the magnets and place them on the cookie sheet.

Free Magnets! With a Promise of a Picture

For years I used The Trip Clip with my kids and took pictures of them for all my marketing materials. But they are too old now (16 & 19) to even pretend to be young enough to use this cookie sheet directions game, so I’m hoping some customers will try this activity with their kids and send me some pictures! If you promise to send pictures, I will send you a batch of pre-made magnets to use. Just email me at if you want to participate!*

*Limited time offer. Once I get enough useful pictures the offer will end.

I will share all of the pictures I receive here, and on my social media: Facebook, Instagram, & Pinterest. Your child could be “famous”!

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