Fun & Educational Activities

I recently combined the travel games and educational activities into a single bundle. The good news for my customers is that anyone who purchased the travel activities now automatically has access to all of the educational activities too! You should see these in your account now and be able to customize and print them all.

These 21 printable activities are great for learning & fun anywhere you go with you kids. You can customize all the activities which include BINGO, unlimited mazes, over 750 coloring pages, crossword puzzles, letter tracing, math practice, word search puzzles, story templates, license plate games, cryptogram puzzles, tic tac toe templates, alphabet games, drawing starters, dots and boxes, sudoku puzzles, hangman templates, battleship, slug bug, and more!

You can purchase just these activities, or you can get them as a part of a Clipboard Bundle which includes a 6×9 plastic clipboard, 4-color click pen on a string, and website access to customize and print an unlimited number of pages to entertain kids on the go.

If you want to try some of the activities before making a purchase decision, you can find a number of packets and free printables on The Trip Clip website.

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