Make Your Own To Do / Done Board

When you buy any list-making activity on The Trip Clip you will also automatically get the ability to design and print your own To Do / Done Board.

You can:

  • Change the title at the top
  • Change the To Do / Done text
  • Include circle markers, or leave the columns blank
  • Change the picture in the bottom left corner
  • Choose from 8 colors: black, red, green, blue, orange, purple, pink, and rainbow.

Once you’ve designed your board, print it on regular paper and then hang it on the fridge (or a cookie sheet) with magnets, or laminate it and add hook & loop fasteners.

You can purchase pre-made magnet or hook-and-loop packs to use with your To Do / Done Board. Here are the kinds of packs (20 each) that are available on The Trip Clip website: morning routine, bedtime routine, after school, chores, school schedule, or a collection of the 20 most popular ones.

You can also use any of The Trip Clip’s list-making activities to make your own magnets or hook & loop squares. Here are instructions for how to print your own magnets, and here are instructions for how to print your own hook & loop squares.

You can even use this template to create other kinds of boards. I used it to make this Classroom Jobs chart for a teacher to use in a classroom:

The Trip Clip also has one other kind of template that you can print – a First / Then board, which can be helpful for kids with special needs.

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