5 Free Time Games

One of the popular items I sell on Teachers Pay Teachers is a set of printable 2-player activities that can be used in school as free time games.

These printable games actually have a lot of good learning in them, and teachers can easily print a stack of them for kids to grab and play with a friend during down time.

Battleship on paper is just as fun as the board game but without all the tiny pieces. This version comes with 4 printed pages so each player has one page to place their own ships and a second page they can use to search for their opponent’s ships. This game teaches turn taking and using a grid.

Tic Tac Toe is straightforward, and is mostly good for teaching turn taking and keeping kids entertained.

Hangman is a great way for kids to practice spelling and reading together. For extra learning, ask them to use their current spelling words in the phrases they choose!

The alphabet game is a fun way to work on first letter sounds, spelling, and handwriting. The idea is for kids to find items around the room, or on a chosen theme, that begin with each letter.

Dots and Boxes is mostly about learning to plan ahead and strategy – it’s surprisingly engrossing and can entertain kids for a long time!

You can buy these games individually on The Trip Clip website. The Battleship game and the Alphabet Game both come with a little more customization ability than you get with the 5-pack sold on Teachers Pay Teachers. For Battleship you can get a slightly more advanced 10×10 grid than the 8×8 grid included in the bundle, and for the alphabet game you can get an unlimited, auto-generated set of letters instead of the single set included here. But the Teachers Pay Teachers bundle comes with a big discount!

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