New Personal Care Clipart

Last week I posted on Facebook a note from a customer whose daughter has struggled through the pandemic. This mom asked for additional pictures to create a visual schedule to help her daughter return to the nail salon after 3 years away.

I promised to work on getting pictures added, but also told her about the ‘upload a picture’ feature so she didn’t have to wait for me. She replied she had used that feature, but her daughter, who also has vision problems, found the uploaded pictures hard to recognize. I do have a blog post with suggestions for how to optimize your uploaded pictures. That said, after years of doing it myself, I know it can be hard to find and prepare images to make them recognizable in such a small space.

If you ever need new pictures and the ‘upload a picture’ feature isn’t cutting it for you, please contact me and let me know what you need! Sometimes it takes me a while, but I do my best to add the pictures my customers request.

Here are nail salon pictures plus some others that have been requested by customers for the Personal Care activity the last few months.

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