For Teachers & Schools

About a year ago I decided to focus on how The Trip Clip can help teachers. I offer a 30% discount for teachers on my website, and a 75% discount for bulk purchases by a school.

I also set up a shop on the Teachers Pay Teachers website where teachers can download free materials, as well as some that they can purchase. Here are the packages that have been most downloaded and purchased.

Most Popular Free Items on Teachers Pay Teachers

The most downloaded items I posted on Teachers Pay Teachers are my bundles of holiday themed activity packs. I have free printables for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Halloween. You can see them all near the bottom of the For Teachers page on The Trip Clip website.

The next most popular free items teachers downloaded cover nutrition, grocery shopping, and fitness.

Most Purchased Items on Teachers Pay Teachers

When it comes to spending money, teachers preferred the activity books I created focused on drawing, puzzles, and games:

And somewhat surprisingly, the other most purchased item is the Chores To Do / Done Board with 20 movable chores pieces:

I plan to keep creating resources for teachers to use, so check back often and see what else I’ve come up with! Or check out my For Teachers page on the The Trip Clip website.

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